Kicks getting stronger by the day!

Kicks are getting stronger by the day! When I place my hand on my bump I can almost catch and cup hold of part of his body, I’m guessing feet most of the time! I can even see part of a limb, underneath my skin, flex. This is most definately my favourite part of pregnancy! Feeling the miracle baby inside, that 2 humans can make! I’m fascinated by it! 

Photo of my belly bump at 12 weeks pregnant and now at 34 weeks..

I’ve been having what I think are  Braxton hicks. They feel like super tight squeezing  with  period like cramps.    Hasn’t amounted to anything, completely random and irregular! Back pain has increased a lot and because I’ve been taking more oramorph than usual, my fentanyl patch has been raised back up to 50 (I did reduce to 37) and the slow release morphine up to 200mg a day (it does sound a hell of a lot!). I’m hoping so much my baby doesn’t have any effects and requires no treatment in the days that follow the birth. I was on a slightly smaller dose of medication with Cody and Cerys and thankfully they were OK. 

My breathing has got worse. Get out of breath so easily and now I have a wheezy crackling chest. I must have a virus on top of things because I have a nasty headache too! This is alongside the usual pregnancy symptoms of nausea, fiery hot heartburn, cramp in legs, strange dreams, itchy, etc. 

Other than the not so nice symptoms , I cannot help admire and smile at my baby bump and I am looking forward to meeting my son. I’m very thankful at the chance life has given me to bring another life into the world. 

It’s the first week of the summer holidays!  I’ve been trying to fit in as much as my body can cope while I can. 

Cooling off at the splash park this week! 


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