1st week of the summer holidays!

Heavily pregnant and the start of the long 6 week summer holidays! Part of me has been dreading it just a little. I like to explore, and keep the children entertained as much as I can. With my health, its unpredictability of worse days than usual and being 8 months pregnant, I’ve had to pace and look after myself a lot more.

This week I have managed to take a trip to the splash park, indoor play areas for them to run and jump their energy off, attend the fire station open day, pop to the local community fun day at a nearby school,  and while I sat in the sunshine my mum took both the children around the park on their bikes. Cody spent some father and son time attending Speedway at the stadium while I stayed at home with Cerys. In previous years we have all attended (apart from when Cerys missed one year due to chicken pox!). It would have been too much for me though this time. Cody also went to a  Cardiff City football match with his dad.
It may seem a lot but I can only manage an hour ish out at a time. In between these activities I’ve spent being half naked  lying in bed or on the settee. Wearing clothes at the moment is so uncomfy! 

Here are some pictures from my week:


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