My Birth Plan Wishes

It’s good to have an idea of what you may like to happen leading  up to the birth, during and after, bearing in mind things don’t always go to plan. 

I’ve had 2 previous elective c-sections . Both of which I was very ill during them. They did manage spinal anaesthetics with a lot of effort to get it in the right place, due to my previous spinal injury, fractured vertebrae, spondylothesis and multiple surgeries. Not going into detail now of the problems that arised. 

I do know I will be having another elective c section this time. After a long discussion with the anesthetist we both decided that a general anaesthetic would be best and safest way. This took into account the difficulties of getting the last spinal anaesthetic in, the side effects of the spinal anaesthetic that arose, the heart problem I had during them, high block, feeling starting to come back before finished, more surgery I’ve had through my abdomen and back, and the chance of the c section being difficult and lasting longer than usual, as well as the repeat of post partum haemareges. 

(1) Expecting an elective c section around 39 weeks pregnant 

(2) Most likely to be a general anaesthetic 

(3) Just before or after they put me asleep they will place a central line, as my IV access is very poor.

(4) I want someone in theatre to take photographs of my baby being born and also those precious few moments straight after. 

(5) I don’t want the baby to be wiped over, cleaned or dressed. I want to do this. I understand they may have to give him a rub to stimulate him. But don’t want him to be wiped clean. 

(6) My baby to stay with me at all times. If he needs emergency care then I understand he may have to go to another ward like the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Otherwise, I want the midwife, or another medical professional, to keep my baby close to me, and even give skin to skin contact, and put on breast to start feeding, even when I’m still sedated and out of it. 

(7) I want to wake having my baby being held on me, or as close as possible near my chest and face. 

(8) To have blood cross matched and ordered incase of needing a possible blood transfusion.

(9) Pain relief to be a PCA, and TAP block. 


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