Baby Bump Trouble!

Woke up Sunday to a hot sunny morning  looking forward to taking my children to the cinema with my mum, brother and niece. We don’t get a lot of time all together, so these moments are precious! 

I had got the children all dressed and fed, I tend to always make sure they are ready first. 

45 mins or so before expecting my mum to pick us up, I had gone to the bathroom, with mild period pain (didn’t think anything of it because I’ve had period type pains throughout the pregnancy especially in the 1st trimester). I noticed I was leaking small bits of blood. I wiped a few times, also checking to see which area it was coming from. I do get bleeding from my back passage with my bowel problems. It was definately coming from my vagina area. 

I didn’t contact my mum at this point but I did text my partner (who was in work). I wasn’t sure what to do. Do I still go out with everyone or do I make a dreaded text to my mum to say what was happening? I went back sat on the toilet for a bit, wiped some more. It kept coming. I was hoping it would have slowed down and I was tempted just to go out as planned keeping an eye on it. As it kept coming I decided to let my mum know and decided I should ring the maternity assessment unit. I guessed it would be very likely they would tell me to come in. I waited for my mum to collect the children, before I rang them. Plus I had already text my partner to say he needed to leave work to take me to the hospital.

As I thought, they said for me to come up as soon as I can. Part of me kept thinking oh I’m wasting their time. It’s not as heavy as I get with my periods, it’s probably some erosion of some sort. I hadn’t had any sex, which I’ve heard is a common cause of bleeding in pregnancy. I was feeling baby move so that put me at ease. 

I went in wearing my sunglasses (it was bright and sunny) but also my eyes were teary. I hate crying in front of anyone. I had been holding back the tears, but when I had to speak at the desk to say what’s wrong, thats when I found it hardest and started crying again. They were very efficient and put me into a side room and started assessing soon after.

I was taken to the 4 bed ward, and very grateful they put me onto the bed rather than the trolley as it’s much more comfortable and easier to transfer. I  was on the monitor for a longer time than usual, because baby decided he didn’t want to move at all and they said there weren’t any accelerations. Doctors were called down because of the bleeding and no detection of movement. They were concerned enough that they wanted to give me the steroid injections, two of them, one now then another 24 hours later. Just incase things were to develop needing the baby to born early. 

It was decided I would stay in overnight for the 2nd injection the next day and to monitor. I was moved from the 4 bed ward area into a room of my own, with ensuite toilet and a working TV. The next day I had an outpatient appointment already arranged with a growth scan, which was good timing. 

I was still bleeding Sunday evening, much lighter, and passed a clot about the size of 50p when my mum had came to visit to bring me some snacks and toiletries. I had an internal examination earlier on, which they mentioned a clot may come out. I find the examinations so personal and difficult.  It’s unpleasant for me and it must be for them. Having the doctors face and light shining right in my private area. Not very nice especially when bleeding too. 

I didn’t sleep that well, off and on, waking hourly. I now wonder if it was one of the side effects of the steroid injections I experienced. I woke with a headache and an increase in pain in my muscles and joints. I actually looked like I had more colour in me! My skin looked quite flush almost tanned! When I’m usually very pale and white. 

My afternoon appointment came, was a little apprehensive about what might be seen on the scan. I went down a few mins before, but soon after my pain was flaring and my back spasms started. As I was called in for blood pressure, I was in agony so asked them if they could pop upstairs to get some ice to make an ice pack (ice put inside a medical glove tied up at the end). I find ice really helps take the edge off and slow the spasm down. I’ve got so many ice packs in my freezer at home. 

The scan showed all was well with baby and couldn’t find an exact cause for the bleeding. This baby boy is measuring over the top centile on the graph! I wonder how true it will be! I did have a tear of relief when she showed me on the screen. My baby even opened his eyes!

When I saw the doctor I mentioned what she thought of my due date being September 8th. As scan showing baby around 34 weeks plus, with my dates I would say I’m around 32 and with the 12 week booking scan they said I’m about 30 weeks. She was quite strict and they don’t change the date that they find out with measurements from the booking scan at 12 weeks. 

I’ve been started on Clexane injections too at home, up to delivery and probably after too. I did expect this at some point mainly due to my mobility problems. I’m actually quite proud of myself. When I was on clexane after delivery for 6 weeks with my last baby, my mum very kindly did them daily for me. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. This time I have! 

I’m now at home! The children were very happy to see me. Cerys said she had been crying as she missed me.  

I did go to the sailing session on Wednesday morning. I should have been resting but the weather for beautiful and I may not get to do any until next year depending on how things go. I’m always determined to keep going, whatever stops me in my tracks!  

It’s very relaxing. The most difficult bit is getting in the boat and out afterwards.  We spent about an hour out on the water.

 These afternoons though I’ve been completely drained. I’m lying on the bed just impossible to move. To even sit up to pour a drink has been a struggle. 

I’m writing this at 31 weeks pregnant! Getting so close! Car seat ordered! We bought it in the Mothercare sale. Last big item to get is the cot for the bedroom. I better get practising with my baby wearing wrap too. 


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