Pregnant Baby Hiccups! 

Started feeling baby hiccups. Well that’s what I think they are as had similar with my other children. Started about 29 weeks pregnant, now 30w1d and feeling them again. It feels like a regular popping movement in your abdomen. He has actually been super active this evening! My little girl had the biggest smile when she felt some big movements and saw my tummy move. The other week my son had a huge grin too when he felt the baby move. 

Feeling the baby move, although occasionally can uncomfortably take you by surprise, is something I feel is so special and my favourite part of being pregnant. 

I can’t believe it’s less than 10 weeks to due date! (8 th September) c section is usually around 39 week mark. From my last period date,  I’m actually 32 w now and not 30w, with the last growth scan I had shows about 32 weeks too. I’ve got another scan next week at the hospital and seeing the consultant. Will talk things through with her and whether with their dates the c section should be at 38w (with mine I’ll be 40w then). 

Last time I saw the doctor I became poorly in clinic and didn’t get to chat about any plans because they were worried about my dizziness, fast heart rate, high blood pressure and protein in urine, and was sent to the ward for assessment. Since then they arranged for me to have another 48 hour ECG monitor (which was last week), but I didn’t get the symptoms I can sometimes experience when wearing it. 


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