3D / 4D Pregnancy Scan

When I was pregnant with my first, back in 2010/2011 it was, 3D scans were about then too. I was very tempted to pay for one. Seeing the advances of ultrasound technology I thought it was amazing that they could get a 3D image of your baby inside of  your uterus with all the bits (fluid, other organs, poo even! lol) in between. I think because my partner wasn’t overly  interested  and we didn’t have the spare £100 or so we didn’t do it. I believe that was the same reason when I was pregnant with my girl too. I had extra scans with the NHS anyway. 

This time though, as I’ve had a miscarriage since I had my girl, and I’m getting my mind around to this being my last pregnancy ever, it’s changed my thinking a little. I paid for a 2d gender scan at 19 weeks pregnant, it was one of the cheapest I found, local and wanted some reassurance too as I haven’t felt early movements like I had with my other pregnancies.

I chose Ultrasound Direct on Newport Road in Rumney Cardiff.

 I kept guessing wondering if was a girl or boy before attending. With my boy I had horrendous sickness which resulted in hyperemesis. With my girl I had unpleasant morning sickness but not as bad as I had with my boy. So with this pregnancy going on my previous symptoms I thought it may be a girl because I didn’t have hyperemesis. 

But it turned out at the scan it was a boy! So each pregnancy is different in a way! 

It was great to find out and I’m glad I had my mum as company coming along with me. I didn’t bring my children along to this but I had planned if I had scans that were not in school time that I would allow them to at the hospital (after the 20 week anomaly scan). 

On the screen it was clear it was a boy, we could see the baby boys parts! 

The scan photos we were given weren’t that clear I thought. The hospital scan photos I had were a better quality.  

These were taken at the private clinic at 19 weeks 1 day:

These were taken at the hospital at 20 weeks 3 days:

My parents very kindly offered if I would like a 3D scan as a gift from them. 

Of course I accepted their offer and booked in for 27 weeks. This time I choose a different company. Ultrasound direct do the 3D/4D, but because I wasn’t too happy about the quality of the gender scan ultrasound, I wanted to try somewhere else. 

I choose one of the middle packages, with First Encounters. They were also fairly local, my side of the city, based at the business park at Cardiff Gate. 

I was a little nervous as well as excited for the experience. A few days before I attended the Maternity Assement Unit at the hospital, during the early hours of the morning. I had reduced movements during the day and that night hadn’t felt any movement. I got upset about it and made myself get checked out. I’ve seen posters and heard from midwives saying anything you are concerned about, like reduced movements, it is best to get seen and not to worry feeling you’re wasting their time. It was very quiet on the ward that night and put me on the monitor straight away. Thankfully the baby did start to move! Of course that reassured me and the midwife was happy with the reading, so I was sent home. I think the baby must have moved because the movements had changed and were definitely less over a few days after too. I was on the edge of going back in to get checked. 

Anyway at the private scan, it showed he was the right size and blood flow was looking good.  My baby was also breech position and kept facing my back. So im guessing that’s why movements had changed.

My partner, mum and my children came along to the scan. First encounters was on the grouns floor and you went into a waiting area with a few chairs and tables, and a desk. We were a little early but as soon as the scan room was free they let us go in. I got onto the bed, a big TV screen was opposite and there were chairs to the left side for any guests to sit on. There was a sonographer doing the scan and another lady at a computer taking the notes of what she was reading out. 

My children were overexcited, and kept having to remind them to calm down a little. When she put the scanner on my abdomen, straight away she said lets hope this baby moves as he isn’t in a very good position for 3D viewing. I moved to lye on my side and she gave my belly wobble. It was very obvious he is definitely a boy as his willy was on full view again! 

We got some measurements of his head and body, when he turned his head on the side and took his hands off his face and put his legs down that were over his head, she quickly turned it from 2D to 3D.  It took a few seconds for it to become clear but we got to see features of his face, his eyes closed, nose, mouth and cheeks. 

I was 27 weeks 4 days pregnant at the time.

On the video taken,  his fingers can be seen and he puts his middle finger up! 

I was slightly overwhelmed at first. It didn’t sink in properly until I was home and looked over the pictures and video of how incredible it was to be able to see some of my baby features while he is still inside me. 

It is expensive. Well it certainly is for me. If you are tempted and have the money, or feel you can save for it, go for it, treat yourself. But don’t feel the pressure that you have to get a 3D/4D scan, if you can’t afford it. I’m happy that I get a glimpse and reassurance from the normal 2D NHS scans. 
My latest bump pictures! 29 weeks exactly! 


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