How Do I Keep Cool in Pregnancy?

28 weeks and 5 days pregnant during the UK heatwave. I do like the sunshine and it being dry, but it’s tough going! Along with my poor health and having 2 children full of energy is challenging. They still seem to be wild but a bit more irritable and crying over things that they wouldn’t normally, probably due to being uncomfortable in the heat. 


My fan usually goes on just after the Winter months. I find I sleep better having the cool breeze on me as well as the noise it makes to try drown out any background noise. (Unfortunately not my partners snoring, it’s too loud!)

Ice / Cooler Packs 

I’ve bought ice packs that are ment to go in cooler bags, as well as ice packs that say they are specifically for the body, put them in my freezer for a few hours, then use them on parts of my body (especially the bottom of my back that I use all year round). Cuddle up to them in bed, put them next to you or on your pillow. They do recommend being careful and maybe putting a towel around them incase you give yourself an ice burn. 

As well as using them to place on your body, when going out, why not put a couple drinks in a cooler bag with them. Even just for the school run. 

Wet Flannel / Towel

Soak a flannel or small towel in cold water, place it on your head, or other parts of your body, especially at night in bed. 

Hot Water Bottle Filled With Cold Water and Ice

Fill a hot at water bottle with cold water and ice. Place in your bed before your about to get into it, sit on the settee with it, cool off in the shade or even take it in the car with you! 

Ice Lollies and Ice Creams

Stock your freezer up with your favourite ice lollies and ice creams. A nice treat at any time of the day, midnight snack  maybe? Or if you fancy something healthier or adventurous, why not buy an ice lolly mould and make your own! Using any juices you like or fresh fruit and blend.

Cold Drinks and Ice Cubes

Keep water and other drinks chilled in the  fridge, make some ice cubes too in the freezer. 

Paddling Pool

Go on, even if you have no children, go buy yourself a paddling pool! Big enough to put your whole body in or even a cheap little one to put your feet in. 

Swimming Pool and Splash Parks

I found it so refreshing going to the swimming pool, without my children. I relaxed, took the weight off and cooled down quite a lot. I do find the preparation before (all the shaving involved and getting all the bits needed packed up) and afterwards (the feeling of having your full weight back getting out of the pool, the energy needed to do that and get to changing room to get dressed with everything sticking to you, and the flare in pain I have almost straight away when leaving) hard work. 

For some reason in pregnancy I prefer swimming more.

Go to a splash park and cool off with your children! Or take a family member child and use that as an excuse to join in! 

Cool Bath / Shower
Not too cold to shock your body, but take a dip in your bath or have a cool shower. Anytime of the day or night!

Video of our homemade bath bomb

Hand held fan

Battery operated I would prefer rather than fanning myself using my own energy in this heat to do it, and maybe one that squirts some water too.

Less Clothes

Even though our house backs onto lots of other houses very close, front and back, I’ve been going around my house just in knickers! I found with my other pregnancies, possibly around this stage onwards, I’m comfier wearing nothing, I just want to be naked! 

When out, just wear as light and little clothes as possible. Don’t worry about going without a bra and having droopy boobs or pointy nipples! Or get your belly out, lift your vest top up! Give it some fresh air and sunlight! (Don’t forget the sunscreen!) If you’re more comfortable just do it! 

Staying Inside or In The Shade at the Hottest Part of the Day

Take shelter in the shade when you can, find a tree if your outdoors or even pop into a cafe nearby to keep cool. Even better if they have air conditioning!

Maybe go out early in the morning or late evening, and stay inside during the middle of the day if you can.

Do you have any other suggestions? Leave a comment and let me know!


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