SPICE Time Credits 

What are SPICE Time Credits?

SPICE Time Credits are a way organisations can give back to the community for their time given. These Time Credits can then be exchanged to pay for services. (Only charities, businesses, etc that are signed up to the programme) 

What do SPICE Time Credits look like?

Time Credits can vary slightly depending what area they come from. The ones I’ve earnt look like this:

How do I get SPICE Time Credits?

Some organisations that are signed up to the scheme will give Time Credits to you for the time you give to help them. It’s usually around 1 Time Credit per hour. Have a look around your local area and online to see what opportunities there are to earn them. 

I earn my SPICE  Time Credits volunteering with  Sherman 5 at the Sherman Theatre in Cardiff and Cardiff Communities first ECLP.  

With Sherman 5,  I can help with ushering during a performance, greeting people, checking tickets, showing them where to sit, keeping someone company during a show, attending art and craft workshops, helping with mail outs, and promoting Sherman 5 at community events. 

When I’ve helped with Communtities first, I promoted what courses were on, attended a training day, and helped out during certain family activities.
Have a look at the SPICE Time Credit Website. Find out how to sign your organisation up the scheme, see what opportunities there are where you can earn Time Credits and where you can spend them. 

Where have I spent my SPICE time credits?

On the SPICE time credit website you can find out where you can spend your Time Credits you have earned.

I have spent my Time Credits going on trips with communities first, watching shows at the Sherman Theatre and Wales Millennium Centre, going to the cinema at Chapter Arts Centre in Canton Cardiff, taking the children to Zone Play off Penarth Road in Cardiff, selling my items at a table top sale, and many more! They certainly do help paying for activities. I’ve given Time Credits to family too so they can choose what they would like to do, or bought tickets to see a show as a gift to them.

Took my mum and children to see Cirque Berserk at Wales Millennium Centre using my Time Credits 

Met Ruby Wax during the break from her  show Frazzled: Mindfulness, using my Time Credits at the Sherman Theatre

I enjoy giving my time to places and helping out. I didn’t start doing it for the Time Credits (although they certainly help encourage you!). I wanted to get involved in my community and have some adult time too (you may know what I mean when your with your children 24/7).  With the volunteering I’ve done, there isn’t that commitment to how much you have to do. This is ideal for me. I’m disabled and ill all the time. I can even just give one hour of my time every few months. There are other people who can do more regular weekly or daily volunteering too. 

I hope in the near future more organisations will sign up to the scheme, which gives more choice where you can volunteer and earn Time Credits, as well as more business offering services in exchange for Time Credits.


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