Surprise! Exciting news!

What a long time it has been since I last posted a blog! To be honest I just haven’t felt like spending my time writing. The spare hour I have when the children are in nursery and school I usually sleep. 

The playgroup and nursery stage when they have just 2.5 hours is difficult to get anything done in this time. By the time I have got home, I may be lucky for one full hour, then it’s back out again to pick up. 

From September both the children will be  in all day. I did think oooo what am I going to do with myself during the day (other than sleep!)?! Well I know what I will be doing now! I’ll be looking after a newborn baby! Feeding, changing nappies and having a nap when the baby sleeps! Yes that’s right, I’m pregnant! I’m 23 weeks and a day today. I’ve surprised myself I haven’t written a blog on it sooner. My heart just hasn’t been in it and the energy hasn’t either. 

I was at Bluestone in January, expecting time of the month appear. Wasn’t too happy because I wanted to go swimming at the blue lagoon when I was there. I had very bad cramps, which I do normally get, and some unusual bleeding, lighter than usual. My stomach cramps, period like pain continued even after the bleeding stopped. I did feel more nauseas too. I believe I went to see the GP in the following week as I didn’t feel right. They asked if I could be pregnant, and I thought it was very unlikely but I would check later on. 

The pregnancy test was positive! That at least explained some of the symptoms I was experiencing! I didn’t feel too much as this stage, because I was experiencing intermittent  bleeding too. I let the GP know and an appointment was arranged at the early pregnancy unit.

The scan at the early pregnancy unit, did indeed show a tiny baby, with a heartbeat! Relief that it was alive! The consultant scanning said she could see a blood clot too. I asked about the chances of miscarriage and she was honest saying it could go either way.

Bleeding continued on and off until about 10 weeks pregnant. 

Going to my 12 week booking scan I was so nervous. It was actually 2 years to that day, my baby was born from a miscarriage . At my 12 week scan in March 2015 I found out my baby died around 11 and a half weeks. I have wrote a blog on this, calling it Always Loved

I’ve had normal morning sickness and nausea, along with extra heartburn, bloating, very itchy, and feeling dizzy and faint at times. I get occasional migranes, but these have increased tenfold during pregnancy. I say ‘normal’ morning sickness because I’ve had hyperpremesis with my first born son.

So am I having a boy or girl?  I thought as its going to be my last pregnancy I would treat my impatient self to a private gender scan. It was one of the cheapest I found at £39. I invited my mum along with me. Again I was a little nervous because the last scan I had was at 12 weeks, and at the scan I had just turned 19 weeks. 

I made a short video to show reveal to my friends and family on Facebook:

These are from my 20w3d scan. They weren’t able to get all measurements so I was asked to come back in a couple of weeks. 

Eventually baby got in to a better position and all measurement checks looked ok. 

Scan picture at 22w5d

I haven’t really touched on my childrens reaction or even my parents! My children were surprised and happy. They tell everyone they meet that there is a baby inside my tummy and they like to look at it changing shape. 

Understandably my parents were concerned about my health, how the pregnancy will impact my health conditions, and if hospitalised how my children would cope with that too. Of course it concerns me too. Especially the delivery. Will talk about the plans another time. 

Eek! Baby number 3 due beginning of September! 


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