Roald Dahl Picnic ideas 

This coming weekend, 17th and 18th September, Cardiff is going to be transformed into The City of the Unexpected. The celebration is marking the centenary of the popular author Roald Dahl. 

I’m looking forward to the 2 day long event. I’ve been to a rehearsal last weekend as I’m taking part in one of many surprise performances in the city centre on the Saturday. TOP SECRET! Can’t give anymore than that away! On the website on the accessibility page it does give clues to where the best places to be around the action and idea of time. Here is a screen shot from the website.

Sunday is host to the Roald Dahl pyjama picnic in Coopers Field Bute Park (behind Cardiff Castle). We are going to wear our pyjamas and taking our own phizz-whizzing Roald Dahl inspired picnic. We have been devising a menu. You are welcome to use these ideas.

Snozzcumber – similar to the name and the picture in the BFG book, we are using cucumber.

Bruce Bog Trotters Chocolate Cake – certainly can’t miss this out from Matilda.

Fizzy Lifting Drink – with a plain glass bottle, I’ve made a label to stick on it, and will just add our lemon and lime flavoured water we drink daily. A scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, where Grampa and Charlie have a cheeky sip of the Fizzy Lifting Drink and they float up into the sky. In order to come down they discover they have to burp.

Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Bar – Sometimes I’ve seen these in some American candy shops, or you can make your own label and wrap it around a chocolate bar. To make a golden ticket, using card decorate it in gold pen colour and glitter, or use a permanent marker to write on some gold foil.  I remember as a child, I would carefully open a kit kat bar imagining it had a gold ticket inside, more because it was wrapped in foil with the feel of it in your fingers (although silver in colour).  I would love a real chocolate factory like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Sweet jars with mouse – I’m putting some sweet jars together and I’m going to put a chocolate mouse inside with them, just like when Roald Dahl played a trick on his local sweet shop. 

Sweet jar worms – Inspired by The Twits, with their worm spaghetti, I’ll put worm sweets inside a jar for fun. In the book Mrs Twit puts real worms into and Mr Twit’s spaghetti. 

Peach muffins with crackling candy – well peach muffins don’t appear in any of the books as such, but inspiration is taken from James and the Giant Peach, and will adding a sprinkle of crackling candy on the top to give it a little tickle on your tongue. I’ll be making some plain peach muffins too. I’m hoping my banana muffin recipe, just replacing the bananas for peaches will work! 
We will be taking our mini bubble machine, some party poppers, guests including the fantastic fox and the enormous crocodile. 

There will be lots more picnic foods including predictable ham sandwiches, crisps and more! I think the ministry of the predictable will be happy about this, as they don’t like anything unexpected! 

We will also take our small bubble machine, party poppers, guests including the fantastic Mr Fox and the enourmous crocodile. 

We are splatch-winkling about gathering our phizz-whizzing picnic, that is going to be crodscollop! 

Next weekend is going to be whoopsy whiffling! 


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