Glamping at The Old Summer Dairy

Where do I start?  From the initial contact, to greeting us at the site, glamping at The Old Summer Dairy was a positive enjoyable experience, leaving us wanting to go back.
Click here for video of our stay
The Old Summer Dairy is located in West Lydford in Somerset. (It’s close by to Glastonbury). We found it was easy to find. Although we did use a sat nav, if you were to use written down directions, they would be just as good. Sometimes with postcodes out in the countryside they don’t directly take you to the right place, but this does! The journey from Cardiff on the m4 and m5, wasn’t very pleasant. The conditions were very hazardous, very wet and you barely could see the car in front of you. We didn’t let this dampen our spirits though!

As you arrive, you drive down a track with trees either side, you come out by an open farm barn. We luckily bumped  straight into one of the friendly owners, Edward, as they live on site too. He directed us and walked up to meet us to show us where everything was. There was a clear sign directing to the bell tents. We were so excited to settle in for the evening. The rain had just about stopped now too. Edward very kindly offered to get a couple of bikes for the children to ride on. He drove them up to us. Claire, the other owner came over to introduce herself. She had very kindly made some homemade scones for us, and left us cream, jam, milk and orange juice.  They were delicious! There were some pretty flowers on the bench under the awing.  A delightful gesture. A letter to us made it personal and information about the site and  local area was very informative and handy to know.

There were three bell tents, with a seperate  wooden building that housed a communual open kitchen, toilet and shower. All of it was extremely clean and very well presented. Certainly adding glamour to camping. 

What attracts me to glamping is that there are some more home comforts than camping. The old summer dairy has the luxury of a double bed and two pull out single chair beds. I tried both out and they were very comfy! With my health problems glamping allows me to have a camping experience, which I otherwise wouldn’t be able to do, (as it would be too much for me). There was a gas heater inside the tent which we certainly made use of when getting dressed early in the morning. 

All the bedding was provided which helps a lot, to save filling the car with sheets, duvets and pillows for everyone. There were also towels and toiletries to use too. 

The kitchen area had an oven, large fridge, gas hob, a sink, and all the kitchen essentials you need. You don’t have to bring your crockery and cutlery as this is all provided. 

There is a seperate toilet and shower which are in excellent condition. I particularly like the shimmering wall decor and the glittery toilet seat. 

Now this is glamping indeed! 

There is a lot of space to roam on, with some shaded areas under trees and open ground.

Behind the bell tents there is a barn, with hay bales that you can use to sit on, an area that you can have a camp fire and BBQ, and wooden logs for burning are provided too. There is a box of a choice of games too. There are 2 types of hammocks to relax on. 

Taking a stroll across to the field adjacent, tucked at the side is a swing and a pond. There is a tippee tent that has wooden logs as seats and you could have a camp fire in the middle, as well as a selection of toy games. 

If you are completely dependant on a wheelchair I would say it isn’t suitable. If you are able to transfer with crutches to the toilet, then it is manageable. We only stayed one night and I didn’t use the shower. I’ll be honest, me personally I would avoid using a shower where ever it was, because I would find it difficult. If I desperately needed it, I would switch it on (or get someone to) and sit down in it. 

It would be just about possible in a manual wheelchair, but the ground, as you would expect in a field , is very difficult to manuover. I’m very thankful for my electric wheelchair that allowed me to get around the site with hardly any problems. I fully charged my chair before going and we were only staying one night so I knew I wouldn’t need to charge the battery on it. As the site is Eco friendly and run off grid and by solar power, you would have to ask before making a booking, what arrangements could be made. 

On that positive note, I think it’s a great idea that they keep it Eco friendly as possible and use Eco friendly products. The area is also kept as a nature reserve.We got to see a range of birds and bats during our stay. 

The Old Summer Dairy is a glorious place of natural beauty with the added comforts. I could see it being popular with all sorts of people and events. 

My children were in their element having all the space to play and run about. 

It was certainly an overnight stay we won’t forget and recommend to others. 

We would love to come back and stay for longer! 

This is a link to their website to enquire and book

Click here – The Old Summer Dairy

Thank you Claire and Edward! 


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