Toilet roll fairy houses! 

I love recycling and using materials that would normally just be put in the bin, for making crafts. 

What materials and equipment did I use to make a toilet roll fairy house?

  • The left over roll from toilet paper 
  • Decorative paper / card
  • Glue
  • Scissors 
  • Drinking mug
  • Pencil

I cut out a little door on the toilet roll. You could also cut a little window too. 

I then cut out the decorative craft paper to the same size of the toilet roll to wrap around it. I had to match up and cut the door and window on the craft paper to the toilet roll. 

Glue the decorative craft paper onto the toilet roll, being careful to line up the door and window. 

To make a roof for the house, I drew around a mug on the decorative craft paper to make a circle shape. I cut the circle shape put. I made one small cut with the scissors to the centre of it, so I could easily roll the circle up, overlapping slightly to make a cone shape, to place on the top as a roof.

I glued around the top edge of the toilet roll and placed the roof on top.

Here is the finished result:

I used a couple of my daughter’s animal play figures in the picture for her to play with. You could use any mini figures. If you find a miniature fairy that would be great! 

If I was feeling a little more adventurous I could place some LED fairy lights inside. Using a bigger roll from a kitchell roll, or any sort of tube. 


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