Isle of Fire Barry Island

I’m always on the look for activities and events, especially ones that are free! 

I set up a Facebook group called Funtastic Arts, Crafts and Outtings. In this group I share any events, activities, and craft ideas. I try encourage others to share any ideas too or events they have heard of. In the past I kept missing out on things because I had only seen them advertise at the last minute or when they were actually happening. 

I spotted the Isle of Fire event about a month before. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I did some searching on you tube as it said it was returning from last year. There were a couple of videos online and it looked interesting. Something that suited us all. 

The Isle of Fire at Barry Island started from 9pm. Even though my children should be sleeping at this time, with special events, we work around it. We let them have a late afternoon nap so they felt awake to enjoy it later on. 

We were very lucky to find a disabled parking space right on the top at the front. It was much busier than I expected. 

We took a walk on the promenade and checked with a couple of  people in the floresant jackets what area it was going to be based in. They weren’t entirely sure, just wavered their hand about. 

I said to my mum that we should stay around where the flame towers were being set up, which was near the cauldron of fire too. I believe it’s the same cauldron that was used at the Millennium Centre 10th birthday party last year Ar Waith Ar Daith

I love a bit of fire, the organised kind! 

The sun was beginning to set now. It was still light at this point. I loved the shapes of the clouds in the sky. 

Wonderbrass were playing by the cauldron and as they finished, not long after The Spark LED drummers appeared from under the bridge with school children carrying lanterns they had made. My mum and children ran up to follow them. My children were so excited they ran to me, letting me know they were coming, and joining in with security asking everyone to move out of the way. 

The drummers were fantastic and entertaining. Throughout the night they marched up and down the east side of the promenade, stopping and performing moves while playing, and interacting with the public. 
When we realised, that was all that the parade was, we followed the sound of the drums and made our way up to see the flames we could see up by the beach huts. 

Underneath the walk way they had colour changing lights and on top the flames lined the edge. 

There was also a crab that had candles in jars surrounding it.

We walked around the different fire scluptirws and watched the drummers perform some more. We followed them up underneath the promenade shelter. Cerys was on my lap in the electric chair , and Cody was with my mum. With the huge crowd we got separated. I couldn’t move at all and was becoming concerned that people were going to land on top of me and Cerys. Being low down with thousands of people shoulder to shoulder towering over you, does make you feel quite vulnerable. I ended up tapping people one by one in front of me, to ask if they could move so I could make some progress to get through. At this point I just wanted to get away from the crowd. I thought the best option was to make my way towards the sound of the drummers as there would be space for them performing. So I kept tapping my way through. Phew! Sigh of relief! We had some breathing space and a good view of the drummers performing. I guessed we would catch up with one another once the crowd had dispersed, but by random chance, I don’t know how with so many people, they popped us behind us. We got to enjoy it all together again. My children joined in shaking their body moving to the drums, and used their arms with a drum stick action. Cerys put her arms around my neck, kissed me and said I love you Mum, I loved that. It makes me smile when my children are affectionate and polite. My hard work pays off! 

We took a wander up to the top and came across lots of flames under the band stand, with some Celtic music playing.

My mum very kindly treated Cody and Cerys to some light up toys and bought some chips and ate them by our car while we reflected on what our favourite parts were. As we were munching the spark drummers walked past our car. Cody and Cerys were so excited saying hello and waving to them. They were certainly their favourite of the night, including mine.

There wasn’t much at the Isle of Fire. I was expecting some flame throwers and dancing. Despite this, the atmosphere of all of it including everyone that came made the night. 

It’s on Sunday night as well as Saturday. I would go back next year if they do it again, which I hope they do! 

 Here is a video of a collection of photos and video clips from the Isle of Fire 2016.


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