The big 30! Goodbye 20’s!

Oh yes I turned 30 last week! I don’t feel any different (my physical body already feels much older than I am) but it seems strange to not say I’m twenty something anymore! 

Last weekend we had a tea party at my parents house, my brother and niece joined us which was lovely.

On my actual birthday day we went to Wimbledon! I’ve been a few times before. When I saw the chance of getting a ticket through the tennis foundation, I thought why not apply for my birth date. We were lucky enough to get No 1 court tickets . It is fairly expensive (not as expensive as the final match days) but with a wheelchair pass, the carer is free of charge, so that certainly helps with the cost of things. 

I was up at 2am on the day of my birthday and my parents picked me up at 4am to catch the coach to London Victoria for 5am. We then caught a bus to Wimbledon. 

Matches didn’t start until 1pm, so we did some shopping and had some delicious strawberries and cream! Which is a must at Wimbledon! 

First on the court was Venus Williams and Donna Vekic. Great match! Venus won! We stayed on to watch some of the men’s singles. We came off before it finished because the sun is was directly on us, and with exhaustion already it really took it out of me! We went for refreshments and managed to see the end of the men’s singles. With the time, we had to leave just as British lady came on to play because of the bus times and getting our connecting coach home. We left Wimbledon at 6.15pm, and caught the National express coach home at 8pm and and arrived in Cardiff after 11pm.

What a brilliant day! But hey I could barely move or know where I was getting in the house just before midnight! 

The following weekend I invited my two closest friends who have been there through the ups and downs, and have an understand of how chronic health affects each other,  as they also have health problems. These two young ladies mean a lot to me. They are truly beautiful people. We planned to go to the live lounge but I could just about get inside the main door and couldn’t move. It was heaving even at 6pm! We took a walk up the side street and decided to go into Lloyds bar. It’s been there a while. I use to go here when I was around 18 years old.  It has fairly cheap drinks and it’s good meeting place to start the night. None of us were use to going out into pubs or bars. It had been many many years! (All due to ill health). So it was a slight shock on the system, with all the very loud noises and drunk people everywhere. We enjoyed ourselves and each other’s company. We hope to go out again soon, maybe to the beach? Road trip somewhere? 

And yes I had a couple of cheeky alcoholic cocktails! I thought with my meds and not drinking alcohol for years it would make me tipsy very easily. Infact I didn’t feel that much less with it than I already do, my eyes felt a little glazed that’s all. 

I don’t really feel any different and I haven’t freaked out yet at turning 30. It does feel slightly strange not to say I’m twenty something anymore. 

With my chronic ill health it has made my body feel like it’s physically aged older than it actually is. I naturally, especially in the past, compare what others my age are doing or have accomplished in other ways, and it makes me think, I can’t do that or I struggle with that, or that will never happen (like get a mortgage! ). My poor health has made me appreciate life a lot more and I find happiness in the most basic of things. Just hearing the birds tweeting on a sunny day and the breeze on my face makes me happy and light up inside. If it’s a rainy day, and I pay some in the moment attention, hearing the pitter patter of raindrops and feeling it land on me has spurred me on and enjoy it. 

Although there are daily challenges and I feel awful a lot of the time and deal with horrible symptoms, I’m grateful for the realisation of how previous every moment is, and that I am of a young age to recognise  it now and not when I’m over 50. 


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