The Last Mermaid at the Wales Millennium Centre

When we approach the Wales Millennium Centre, it always looks so grand and modern. The beautiful bronze building is so striking. 

At the moment they also have an impressive field of red lights to look like poppies, to commerate the people who lost their lives in World War One and the battle of the Somme. There are 923 lights that each represent names inscribed on the Thiepval Memorial in France.

We went to see The Last Mermaid. From the write up it said the inspiration was from Hans Christians The Little Mermaid. As a child when Disney produced the film I loved it! Definitely one of my all time favourites. I’ve always liked film music and the original movie score is great. 

I watched the video of Charlotte Church talk about the last mermaid and I was really intrigued. 
The last mermaid is the story about a last surviving mermaid from the sea, who has the chance to break free from her underwater kingdom, with a companion, the last whale. She has the chance to grow legs to walk on land, but it’s not what she thinks above the waves. 

Although the age recommendation was 6 plus and it suggested no under 2’s, I thought I would take a chance taking my 3 year old little girl. I took plenty of snacks and a drink, because if she becomes fidgety and wants to turn into an explorer during the middle of the performance, I hope they do the trick to entice her to sit down still. 

My daughter skipping in to collect our tickets, through the automatic touch doors, which is very handy when you’re a wheelchair user. The assistants on the desk were vey friendly and pointed me in the direction of the lift and exactly to where to the performance in the Weston studio was being held.

I’ve actually been in the Weston studio before. In the summer of 2015, they were asking for volunteers to take part in the ‘Color of Time’ performance and I came along to a workshop that was held there. 

All the staff always seem cheery and are always happy to help. 

The que to get into the Weston studio was very long and there wasn’t much space to manuover through the people. The staff could see me looking and wondering what to do, so they offered to let me stay at the front of the que and let me in first. This is actually helpful. I’m not having to worry about bumping into people and their toes stopping and starting. This can be difficult too with a little one because she can edge through the tiny gaps between the people, get in front of me, and loose sight of her. I cannot follow through as fast. 

We couldn’t have asked for a better view to the stage. The steward let me choose which position would be best for me. They were also very friendly with my little girl talking to her (even though she was a little shy and cwtched into me when they did). 

While we were waiting for the show to begin, the visual effects and lighting made the stage look like it was water.

I love how they started the show off creating the sea and waves, using a sheet, illuminations and sound. My daughter and I were mesmerised by it. 

While watching what was going on at different areas of the stage, I looked at my daughter and she was taking it all in, the diversity of sounds and colours.

Each scene had its own unique delightful imagery. 

I was very impressed with the costumes, the lighting effects, music and dancing, and the combination of different singers was beautifully haunting. 

I liked how they had different groups singing, the trio 3 ladies who represented the waves, the 2 men, solo and group parts mixed together. Charlotte Church and the other performers were superb! It certainly was a festival of voice. 

It all contributed to a fabulous powerful magical experience. 

I hope they bring it back again and go on tour around the UK. It deserves it! I throughly enjoyed it.

My daughter did fall asleep, but part of me expected that, because of her age and the evening performance time is usually her bedtime. It was so entrancing and relaxing in parts, and quite dream like, and with a fully belly and cuddling up to her mummy, it was inevitable. I would go back to see it again and I would take Cerys with me. They did put on some matinee afternoon shows, that would be another option to consider for us. 

I bought the story book at the end, it accompanies the show. What a wonderful imagery of words and illustrations. 

I will be reccommending it to friends and family. Big thumbs up from me! 


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