Revamping an old doll house

I was at the GP surgery waiting for my appointment, and my personal assistant said she was having a look at her Facebook and her friend was offering a dolls house for free.

I said yeh go on say yes we will have it. 

A few days later, Gemma very kindly dropped it around to us.  It had been painted bright red and blue in colour, and had scraps of rough off cuts of carpet inside, with bits of blue material held in place with pins for curtains.  The decoration was alright and it was a lovely doll houses with lots of rooms with steps to get to the next level.

I thought I would have a go at redecorating it. 

I painted the whole outside of the house in white. I did a couple of coats to cover the red and blue colour.

I then stripped out all the bits of material that was inside of the house. 

On a search engine, I typed in carpet and wooden flooring, filled out my details and sent for some free samples. While waiting for them to arrive in the post, I continued to paint the outside of the house. I decided to keep it to neutral country colours because I wasn’t sure whether we would keep it or pass it on. I kept the windows and window ledge in white. The top edge of the door, window and border painted in a darker creamy brown colour. In the picture it almost looks like it has a tint of gold. The general most part of the house walls were painted a magnolia like colour. The roof, including the chimneys in a grey, and the front door in a light blue. 

The inside rooms I fitted with the free samples I received in the post. Some with carpet, laminate or vinyl. They were much smaller than I thought they would be, so even one big piece wouldn’t fill one whole room. I will keep my eye out for more.

With one of the rooms, I cut out some patterned craft paper I had, for wall paper. You could decorate the house as fun and wild as you like! Just like you would a real house! There is so much you could do! As my children get a little older I will let them decorate it how they want. 


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