Searching for bluebells!

We have been keeping an eye out over the last few weeks for beautiful bluebells. For me, they are definitely a sign of Spring has sprung! 

We took up a trip to Forest Fawr at the end of March and there were no signs of bluebells at that time.

It’s a fab place for a stroll. My children love exploring and playing here in the woodland.  The wooden sculptures ignite their imagination. 

We find a stick to pretend it’s a magic wand belonging to the wizard. 

We use sticks to tell the time on the wooden clock bench. 

Cody and Cerys foraging around looking for fallen leaves and make a witches brew in the cauldron, stiring it with a stick they have found on the ground.

They feed the dragon and sit on it, and imagine they are flying in the sky to anywhere they want to go! They land and pick up a friend, and off they go again into the sky! 

We chant “We’re going on a bear hunt” while we stumble trip through the forest. 

Hide and seek behind the trees is another favourite game!

I took another trip up to Forest Fawr middle April, and there were signs of bluebells starting to pop up.

We revisited at the end of April and there were definitely more! When you are standing there, it’s a lovely carpet colour of purple and blues. As you get closer they tend to spread out more. Taking photos on my iPhone can be quite tricky when trying to convey the beautiful bluebells. It never looks as bright as it does from the actual sight from your eyes being there. I’ve been experimenting, and find zooming in from a distance, you can get a better idea of the sea of purple blue colours. 

I’ve never been to Wenallt woods in the North of Cardiff before. Previously others have spoke about the many number of bluebells there. So we went to explore! It was raining and breezy so we dressed up in our coats and hats. Under the trees it was quite sheltered!

Well, what a magnificent sight! We weren’t disappointed! Greeted by thousands of bluebells!  The birds were tweeting away too.

View my video here of Wenallt Woods

My son Cody, was given Mog the cat, for good listening and doing work in school, so we took it along with us and took a picture of Mog among the bluebells. (There is a book we have to write in to say what we did)

You may be able to catch the end of the bluebells still at the moment. If not, it is worth a visit next year around the same time. We will be going back! 

UPDATE from my last post

Ive had a short hospital stay this week. I had one of the crazy heart episodes I’ve experienced before. It’s very scary. I had palpitations, fast heart rate, chest pain, dizziness, nausea and breathlessness. I’m absolutely  wacked out by it. I will tell you more another time. 

This evening we took a drive after school towards Chepstow, to a forest called Barnets Wood. Definitely another reccommended place to see bluebells! The fragrance coming off of these lovely plants was refreshing! 

Below are a small selection of photos I took on my iPhone on our visit here.

Short video taken of the bluebells at Barnets Wood Chepstow


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