Pebble throwing!

Llantwit Major beach has become a favourite of ours to visit. It’s accessible for me to be able to join in pebble throwing into the sea or by the stream entering it. Obviously I haven’t been able to go on walks exploring the coast line but I’m able to join in with my children making big splashes throwing all different shapes and sized pebbles. 
Video of my children throwing pebbles at Llantwit Major

Last time we came, I took some home with me in my recycled haribo sweet bucket and made a family pebble picture frame. A great artistic piece to add to your wall or fireplace or shelf! 


We have painted and drawn on the pebbles at home too. From our favourite characters from our books, to letters and numbers (a different way of learning). 

We bring our own snack supplies to fill my children’s forever energy burning hungry bellies. On our way down, we sometimes call into Llantwit Major village to get some chips to take with us. 
There is a cafe at Llantwit Major beach. Occasionally we treat ourselves to an delicious ice cream. When it’s super windy and cold, it can also be nice to pop your head inside to shield yourself and warm up. 
With my little ones short bladder span, I’m glad there are toilets here (in a seperate block) When the cafe closes though the toilets are locked up. 



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