Make up!

I thought I would share with you some pictures and the make up I use.

I’ve used Maxfactor lasting performance in Ivory for many many years. It’s the only one I can find closest to my skin colour and at an affordable cost. 

I decided to try a change. I came across Avon online and it was reduced. So I bought a concealer, foundation and powder.

Here I am trying it out.

After washing my face I use Aveeno moisturiser. I discovered it back a few months ago and I love it. It’s great on my hands, face and all over my body!
This is me before applying any make up. I had just washed my hair so it is still wet and pulled back out of my face.


Applying the Avon  LUXE concealer in the lightest fair shade


The Avon ideal flawless invisible coverage foundation in light pink (which is the lightest shade they do)


Avon LUXE pressed powder in the lightest fair


Maxfactor Bronzer applied to cheeks and then brushed over my forehead and chin. 

I used Barry M natural glow palette for my eye shadow. 


I used Pantone universe lipstick   

 I put a small bit of  No 17 Va Va Voom mascara on my upper eye lashes. 

Tada! I’m done! My hair was naturally drying at the time of doing my make up. 


If I’m getting ready for a very special occasion I also wear black eyeliner. I didn’t here as I was just having an experiment before going to bed.


I’ve found as I’ve got more and more wrinkles, my make up sometimes makes me appear older, than without wearing any make up. Has anyone got any tips to help with this? Or a particular favourite brand?


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