Ludovico Einaudi

Since I first heard Einaudi’s music I was hooked. I think it was around 2003. I bought a cd album and piano sheet music. I remember playing Nefeli in my last year at High School’s Christmas concert. 

Ever since I’ve been collecting his music albums and buying his sheet music.

He is an incredibly talented man and I can really feel his music, when he plays, and when I play I can really get into it. 

Click here for a video of me playing a selection of his music.

I am rather rusty I admit. I had a long break of not playing. When I do now it’s not very often. 

I saw Einuadi in concert back at the end of 2010. I was pregnant with my first child. He was playing at a lovely venue in Bristol. I had never been there before and didn’t know what to expect. The acoustics were so good. At this concert Einaudi played by himself on the piano. After performing we got a chance to meet him and he signed my programme. 

The latest concert at Colston Hall in Bristol, was just as beautiful!  Einaudi had with him another keyboard player who also played the Violin, lots of different percussion instruments, a celloist, and synthesiser.






I found the Elements album quite hypnotic in places, and intrigued with his developments of new sounds.

From going to his piano solo concert with no added extras,  to this one, special lighting and projected images on a back screen was interesting. 

The album cover for the elements album, I would even consider having that as wallpaper. I could see it on one of the wall ‘s of my music room! What do you think? Could even design your own similar version! 
If I got the chance to go back to see him perform again, I would grab it! 

Einaudi is a very accomplished professional musician and composer. An inspiration to many! 

My next goal is to get a fabulous new piano! Well I can only dream! I still have my electric piano that my grandparents bought me at around the age of 7. (You can tell how old it is when you hear the keys being hit in my video above)


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