Calon Lan Gifts 

Calon Lan Gifts is the name of the page I have created on Facebook of items I’ve made.  There are also other selections of gifts including new books for sale. 
Come take a look, click here! 
I’ve always enjoyed a variety of craft activities. I’m constantly learning and trying new techniques and methods out. I’ve just recently started to art of paper cutting. There isn’t anything on my page yet for sale using paper cutting techniques, I need to practise it.

If I could, I would be doing some kind of craft activity every day. With my health and being a full time mum to 2 children, it’s not possible. I know I get about one full hour in the afternoon to myself now in term time weekdays but that’s usually used for me to sleep. My boy is in full time school and my little girl is in 2.5 hours. With the travel time before taking and after collecting her, it takes away the time so really I only get an hour. 

Making things gives me pleasure. I get to use my imagination and at the end of it all a lovely finished piece. Sometimes I’ll buy something I really like, but if I believe I can make it, I will give it a go. 



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