Celtic music on my flute

I’ve been playing the flute since primary school. So about 20 years now. I started on the recorder and moved to the flute. 

When I was a teenager I joined my local windband and orchestra. I enjoyed it. We even got the chance to play abroad in Bavaria and Austria. 

When I had an accident in January 2007, I didn’t play the flute (or piano) in years and years.

I’m a bit rusty. Here is a recording taken using my phone. My playing isn’t great, and the quality of the recording isn’t good either. Yes excuses!  Just trying to justify how it sounds! In person the flute sounds so much better. 

 Click here for video of me playing the flute

I like all sorts of music. For me, I love playing Celtic melodies on the flute and my piccolo. I believe it suits the instrument really well. 

I’ll have to do another recording soon, next time with backing music too. 

I do also play the piano. I’m so excited to see and hear Ludovico Einaudi in concert in a couple of weeks. I saw him before in Bristol and got his autograph. I love playing  and listening to his music. 


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  1. Your flute playing is so pretty, thanks for sharing. 🙂 🎶🎵

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