Oh yes! I can’t believe it! Shortlisted for blog award out of hundreds of people! 

  On the day the Interior Blog Team said they would release the shortlisters for the award, I checked Twitter. I scrolled down and didn’t expect to see my name under the Best Newcomer Blog Award. I said to myself, don’t get upset if it isn’t,  and then I couldn’t believe my eyes! My name was mentioned! To confirm my shock of disbelief, thinking they may have made an error, I took a look at the website, and to my amazement my name was there too! Shortly after, I received an email from the Interior Blog Awards saying congratulations. I know I haven’t won the blog award, but for my first ever nomination for a blog award, to be shortlisted out of all those other fablous bloggers, I felt a sense of pride! 

I’ve put my name and partner down to attend the awards evening. It looks to be a lovely interesting venue,(yes I’ve looked it up!) and an excellent evening to meet other fellow award winning bloggers. 

Even the invitation that was sent in the post to me,was very glamorous and felt like an award in itself!!

It came in a black envelope with gold writing, which matched the reflective gold cd like invitation that was in a black sleeve, which had some cut outs that you could see part of the gold invite. 
I took some photos of it, but they clearly don’t do the invite (award) any justice! I honestly felt pride to be holding it in my hands. 
Thank you so much to everyone that voted for me! I really appreciate it.

Wow I still can’t believe it!

I’m writing this in hospital. Been here nearly 3 weeks, and it hasn’t ment to be this long as I’ve had a few complications. 

I hope to be home soon. I feel upset that I haven’t been there for my children and have missed out on activities with them. I want to go conker picking to make some painted conker marble pictures, and pick the beautiful Autumn colours of leaves. 

Crossing my fingers I can make this wonderful interior blog award event and meet you very talented people! (I can be quite shy, so normally I need others to start off the conversation with me.)

Need to get home first, recover, spend time cuddling and reading bed time stories to my children, rekindle my relationship with my partner and then sort out my terrible awful stinking matted hair with huge noticeable greasy roots! 

Don’t even have a new outfit!! Don’t know where to start! Especially on a non existent budget! 
Anyway, I would like to congratulate everyone that was nominated for their blog. I didn’t read everyone’s,  but from the ones I did, they were brilliant and you all deserve an award! 

Thank you! Diolch yn fawr! 



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