Gwaun View Yurts Fishguard

What a very liberating couple of days we had away on the bank holiday weekend.

I’ve always wanted to stay in a yurt, something different and new to try. Back a couple of years ago I’m sure in one of the parenting groups I’m in, Gwaun view yurts was mentioned. About a month go, my mum said go for it, look for a yurt to stay in. I immediately remembered the name, and did a search online for Gwaun yurts.

Well, from what the yurts looked like in the photos and the fact you can park right next to your yurt, it seemed ideal! We booked it! 

From the bit of research I knew that the kitchen was in an open shed cabin by the side of the yurt, and that there was a communal toilet shower block. I wasn’t too excited about shared toilets and would somehow have to get to them (not knowing the distance to them from yurt, until we got there). I decided would put up with this, as the want to stay in a yurt overcome it. 

On the Sunday, we left early, so we could visit Folly Farm near Tenby, before checking into our yurt in Fishguard. We had a great day seeing the animals, the children going on a few rides and having a play in the climbing frames and park. To finish it off we had a tractor trailer ride that took us across the road, the other side of the farm, and showed us more of their animals, including the red deer.

It took us just under an hour to get from Tenby to Fishguard, took it slow taking in the beautiful countryside. 

I didn’t know what to expect, whether the yurts were completely far out in countryside with no one around, or whether it would be next to others.  When we pulled in to the site, we saw a big field with some tents and camper vans, and we kept driving down as could see some yurts in the next field. There were 3 all together. I was looking out for an office, to see if we could ask which one were we staying in. As we pulled into the next field, a man was looking towards us, and as we were going so slow to try figure out what to do, he approached us and introduced himself, and points us towards our yurt. He was very friendly, showed us around the facilities and if we needed anything just to ask. 

I loved it! The first striking detail was the bright green door, with pretty swirly red and white patterns painted on, and the pattern was similar to the cover of the white yurt that had green markings.

We had to walk through the kitchen, which was in a open shed like cabin,that had a bench, gas cooker connected to a gas bottle, a microwave, toaster, kettle, a big cool box as the fridge, and a big sealed container with cutlery in. Yes this kitchen and yurt has electric! 

Inside greeted us with that hippy, bright natural colours, with rag style rugs, (similar to a couple I have in my house), the Buddhism inspired pillows on the doubled bed with a single bed on each side, and 2 bedside tables with an electric lamp on each and ornaments, the black wood burner situated near the front middle inside in the yurt. The basket of fresh axed wood in a basket, with some fire lighters, and when you look up you can see the wooden poles that make the roof and meet at the top  where the log burner chimney comes out and can see the sky. I love all different styles, and this interior theme inspired me. 

My children loved it! They had an explore first, tested the beds, and then got their new toy each that had bought at folly farm and played outside. Cody and Cerys both love the outdoors, to be able just to play freely outside the yurt, in a new exciting environment, enthrilled them. 
Outside the front of the yurt was a stone area, with a bench and a camp fire, with wooden planks around it to sit on. 


Before setting up the fire, I was so eager and excited to start it, we popped out in the car, looking for a place to eat, something simple like chips and curry sauce suited us fine, which we picked up in Goodwick.  

A view of lower Fishguard on our first evening.    
That evening getting back to our yurt, the sun made an appearance and so did the rain,  which made a beautiful bright full rainbow over our field, with red pink sky as the sun gradually set. The photos don’t do it justice! 

That night there was some more rain and wind, which you could here pitter pattering above us. It was cosy knowing we were dry and it was so warm with the log burner on. 

I woke up about 5am and it was chilly, I restarted the fire and go back into bed. It certainly warmed up! It was much more comfortable then to get dressed, and to prepare and eat breakfast.

It was sunny! A lovely morning to wake up to! We had our usual for breakfast! Cody and I had porridge with cinnamon honey, and Cerys had cereal. 

That morning we headed off out in the car, just exploring, going through country lanes, along the coast and seeing stunning views.


We thought we would make the most of the sunshine and headed towards Tenby to try out the dinosaur park. 


The children enjoyed themselves at the dinosaur park. Unfortunately it was very difficult in my wheelchair, it was hilly and very steep in parts. 

They had to miss out on a few activities as I was unable to help them, especially Cerys who needs support to do things. 

It caused a lot of pain for me but the children were happy and made the most of it, so that’s what counts! 
We went over the toll bridge in Pembroke Dock on the way back to the yurt. There were some beautiful views!

It was dry! So that ment I could get the outside camp fire going! Cody and Cerys were mesmerised at first and helped me pick up dry pieces of wood to put on the fire. Then they were off! They talked to the other children and they liked visiting the other campers dogs. It was all our first time with this experience, I liked seeing Cody happy that I was giving him some freedom to roam the field. Of course I was a little apprehensive because I wouldn’t have been able to get to him if something happened or if he decided to go further afield. 


That evening back inside the yurt, we all cwtched up in bed, with the crackling of the fire, we could hear the owner next to us playing the guitar and singing. It felt very liberating. I felt truly lucky. Bliss.

I would go back here again, and I do recommend it. I found the toilet bit the hardest. Sssshh a little secret: I used a plastic bottle to wee in the night and then emptied back in toilet in the morning. 



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