My Facebook Shop – Calon Lan Gifts – Pure Heart Gifts

Ive set up a page to sell a range of wonderful gifts, some are handmade by myself, and I personally burn any writing or images that may be wanted on the products.

Take a look

Calon Lan Gifts
The name of my Facebook page shop, is in Welsh with an English translation. I wanted a name that would mean something to me and show that the items I sell are made with love, and a lot of precious time, hard work and concentration has gone into them. A place where you can buy a gift for yourself or a friend/family/colleague and know that a lot of love has been put in.

I have a variety of items, ranging from beautifully written and illustrated children’s books, sticker books, slate gifts, wooden items such as yoyos, trinket boxes, pencil cases, rulers, magnets, door plagues and hangers. I’ve introduced my handmade jewellery on there.

I also have fairy doors that I have put together, that are unique and my idea.  These doors open! They are affordable and can be decorated to your choice of colour. 

Go take a look! 
I appreciate my items may give inspiration to make your own designs and sell similar products. I can’t stop you copying but it would be polite to ask my permission and have some recognition. 


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