I’ve been nominated for my 1st blog award!

Vote for me here, click this link

Yes you read that right! I’ve been nominated for the first time, in the category, best newcomer with Amara Interior Blog Awards.



I was surprised when I had an email through to say I’ve been nominated.
My blog has all sorts of topics in.

Sometimes I want to appear a ‘normal ‘healthy’ mum and write about all the things we do (despite all the extra hard work and troubles in between, I leave these bits out), and then sometimes I talk about these extra bits. I’m always trying to trivialise everything. These parts are not just extra ‘little’ bits they are in fact huge challenges I have to think about and overcome.

Have a nose around my blog, have a read.
I don’t have loads of posts. It’s hard to find free time to write, and it’s not just that. When I do have time to myself, which is rare, it’s usually spent sleeping.

Hello! I’m Rhian, I’m 29, live in Cardiff and have two beautiful children under five. I call myself a mum on wheels, because I use a wheelchair and I’m a stay at home mother. Unfortunately I have multiple chronic health problems that cause many debilitating symptoms.My blog is a personal, creative, place that has a bit of everything in, ranging from arts and crafts, my pregnancy journey, activities and events we attend, and how my health impacts it all. It’s space for me to release my emotions and thoughts, my experiences , share ideas and create talking points to hear opinions on different topics. I like hearing what others have to say, with their own views and ideas. Join in, tell me what you think! Got a tip? Words of wisdom? Inspiration to share? I’ve never entered or been nominated for any blog awards before. I’m a first timer! Be gentle with me and vote for me! show me some support and love!


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  1. Congratulation darling! I’ve read your blog ad I really admire your strength and passion! I am on same category as you 🙂 I hope we both get shortlisted and I could meet you in person! Good luck!

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