Cardiff Carnival 2015

We woke up to a beautiful sunny Saturday morning and decided to go to the Cardiff Carnival in the city centre. There were acts on from 10.30am, and the parade started about 3pm.We choose to get our space in plenty of time and brought snacks for the children to nibble on. The parade was starting at the top of Churchilll Way, and we stood on the corner where Churchill Way joins Queen Street. It was a prefect spot as we could choose to stand in the warm sun or take some shelter in the shade too.

Even though we bought snacks for the children it was hard to keep them entertained because we were early. We let them go on one of the merry go round rides, which they of course loved! But it was so hard to get to my youngest, age 2, off the ride, she didn’t understand why we had to take her off after her turn. We weren’t going to pay again as it can be expensive, it all adds up.

We could here drums starting and whistles blowing, and security took the boulders down, so the parade could come through. The boulders are normally there to stop vehicles entering the main pedestrian shopping high street. Cerys, who is my youngest, started to bop about and stand in the path of the parade. She just wouldn’t have sitting in the pram we brought with us, so my mum held her and danced with her to prevent her blocking the dancers and musicians.

The costumes were full of colour and very artistic. You could tell a lot of time was spent making them, organising all the people in the parade, their positions and moves.

It was a vibrant parade with beautiful weather. I hope they weren’t sufferering with the heat too much and all the effort, fun and involvement with the community and public was worth it!

Glad we went to watch it 🙂 As long as the weather plays its part we will come back to watch it again next year!


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