Our back garden

I have many visions on how I would like my back garden to look.  I have a good imagination but can have so many ideas, that I’m indecisive! I want my garden to be child friendly and also space for me to relax. Our garden is fairly small, but try to do the best with what we’ve got and on a zero budget.

I want it filled with bright flowered plants, with beautiful aromas and to be self sustainable growing my own fruit and vegetables. I’m a complete beginner and it’s only over the last 12 months I’ve started growing my own and decorating the outdoor space we have.

We’ve had tomatoes and for the first time this year absolutely delicious juicy strawberries!   

I had a bench for free, that was rusty, arm missing and looked run down. I could see the potential in it. I used outdoor white paint suitable for metal. It has roses, stalks and leaves entwined In the pattern, and having just the one arm rest gave it character!

As a special gift my children had a little mini house bought to play in garden. There are so fancy designs out there, but because we are on a tight budget we didn’t really have choice to choose what it looked like, as we had to get the lowest price. The children at this age don’t know any difference, and love it all the same!

For my birthday present back last summer I asked for a chiminea off of my parents. I love it! The hot orange flames, the heat it creates, the ghostly smoke it puffs out the top, with the smell of burning logs. I can sit besides it, looking deeply into the flames and be mesmerised by it.

I’ve been wanting some big logs for a while now, so we can sit on them. A very kind lady who I’ve never met, answered my plea on one of the Facebook freecycle groups, and mentioned her workplace and some out the back. Even more, this very kind lady offered to bring them to my house, in which she did, and carried and lifted these very heavy logs to my doorstep. I’m very thankful to her. We now have two log chairs to sit on and one to use as a table.

In the background in this photo, you can just about see the water table the children have, as they playing with water! And off of Welsh water they were giving away free water butts, and successfully had one. I believe it’s a great idea to recycle the rainwater. It has a little tap on the bottom, and my children love turning it back and fore, filling their bucket  and watering cans up.  We have a small bit of the cheapest artificial grass you can get to go over some of the paved area, so it looks more like thier own cosy play corner.

In my rare 5 minutes to myself, I sat on the log contemplating how content I was just sitting still listening to the crackle and spit of the wooden log.

Our fences on both sides and at the back (back ones mostly hidden behind the shed and big tree), are a miss match of untreated and unpainted wood. We are not aloud to paint them, and even if we were aloud, it would come from our pocket and we can’t afford to do that. As we don’t own the property, hard earned money and work put on the house could be gone from us in a moments notice. Yes it would make it feel better living there, with it visually looking pleasing, but I don’t have the energy or strength to paint it all, and the money could be spent on something we essentially need.

We have a large ever green conifer tree at the bottom of the garden, if your little or bend you can go just underneath it.   I made a fairy door, to put there, for the children. I’ve seen them at craft fairs a lot and they can be quite pricey. To save on money, and because I like a challenge and making things, I ordered some parts and put together, painted and decorated. My children love it because you can open and close it, see a message for the fairy or see if the fairy has been leaving magic fairy dust.


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