How to spruce up your rented home!

We live in a rented property and we are not allowed to change any decoration to the property. All the walls are neutral magnolia colour, with a white ceiling and beige carpet.

I have found you can make a huge difference to what your home looks like without changing your carpet, wall paper / paint, etc.

In our living room we have a very large green rug from ikea, which was very reasonable compared to some. We previously had a beige and brown rug from ikea. We are on a very tight budget. These rugs did the job of protecting the beige carpet and they gave some colour to the plain room.


In our downstairs toilet, we bought another from ikea, a small rough looking multicolour rug. I quite like the Scandinavian, rustic feel.


In my bedroom, I decided I want an African theme, colours that are associated with safaris, animals, hot desert weather, a little bit of green too, to show when they have the wet season, and tribal patterns.
I found a beautiful small rug in the shop Tiger. I picked one with mostly orange colours in.


In my children’s bedroom, and the little play corner in our living room, we have a rug that has road patterns on, that the children can play with their cars. This is from ikea too.


Wall Stickers

These are great to add a pattern, picture or words to a wall without leaving any damage. In my experience I haven’t had any problems using them.

In my living room to go with a green forest theme, I have a large tree wall sticker. I absolutely love it! It only cost me £3.99 including postage.


For my bedroom I’ve seen many wall
stickers I want to use, currently I only have one on the wall which is a large zebra.


Wall Mural

I know we are not aloud to decorate our walls with wallpaper or paint, but in the children’s bedroom we decided to do one wall only with a wall paper mural. When we have to leave we will have to remove it and paint the wall back to magnolia.
A whole room would be too much, so one single wall will be fine to put back to how it was.


Furniture and Storage

The colour and pattern of your settee can change the way your living room looks. Currently we have a corner settee in light and dark brown, and a matching bean bag.
I would love a bright green sofa!

My children are very lucky they have a lot of toys and art materials.
I love the rectangle and square storage units that you can put boxes in, to hide bits and pieces out of sight. This is from ikea too. We choose at the time, the bright, red, yellow, blue and black boxes. We have 2 units with a total of 12 boxes.
I did really like the woven wooden neutral ones too but as they were from about £15 a box, it was out of our price range.


On top of these 2 units that we have put next to each other in our living room, our tv, virgin box and modem, DVD player rests upon the top, and a few photographs in frames and some of the children’s art work framed.

In the living room on the window sill, I have a clear rectangular glass like vase, which I’ve put green glass stones in with brown sticks and led lights. There are many good versions of these out to buy ready made, but I made my own which cost about £3 in total.


We are not aloud to make any holes in the wall to put any shelves up or hang any painting up.
I’ve had a look around in our home, and there are some holes already created by previous tenants / owners, so I’ve used the ones that have already been made.
I have put up a large canvas photograph of a forest and lake in living room wall.

In our living room I have created a corner that has my children’s toys in.
I wanted to display some books so they could easily see and reach them.
I came across online people using the Ikea wooden spice racks to put their books on. What a great idea I thought! With these spice racks though you need to holes into the wall to screw in, and we couldn’t do that. So I thought I would buy some double sided extra strong sticky Velcro to do the job 🙂


Things such as bedding, throws and curtains can make a huge difference too.

A frame I wood burned myself to go in my ‘African’ themed bedroom.


A beautiful wooden trinket with an elephant on the top. For my ‘African’ theme bedroom.


I’m a fan of ‘themed’ rooms. I would love a room decorated in a space style, the ceiling black with planets, stars and lights, or a ceiling with the blue sky and clouds on, or a Lego room with a wall that looks like it’s made of Lego, or a favourite film, or an ocean theme.


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