Pedal power

I heard about pedal power a while ago but never actually took the step to go along. When my friend Jess, told me about the project changing gear that was involved with pedal power, I decided to go along to one of the sessions. My mum came too.

I already knew before going along that I would have to use a hand bike, as my legs are not strong enough to push the pedals around on a bike. Filled in some forms, introduced ourselves to other members in the group, and got assessed what bikes we would use.  Out on our first ride together as a group it was exciting and had time to get use to the bike. We went back another few times with the group. We asked if my children could come along to a session so we could try out one of those buggy type things, that children can sit in, attach to bike and get pulled around. The children, apprehensive at first, with new people and surroundings, loved it! It was great to be able to go out and ride together as a family. 

We got more confident and have since hired the bikes out and went out for a ride ourselves with the children being pulled along. 

Looking forward to going back and starting our free membership with pedal power for a year. There are all sorts of bikes to hire, I definitely recommend pedal power!

Take a look at my photos! 







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