Crafts I’ve made and designed recently

I like to have a try at everything crafty.
I’ll talk about some of the items I’ve designed or made recently.

My friend bought me a candle making set. My inspiration at the time was to make a yellow / orange ish colour candle in the shape of a rounded honey beehive. If I had a a little bee ornament I would have stuck it to the side.


I bought some plain white trainers in my son and daughters size and painted on them something they like.
With my son he had minions and his name on the side, and my daughter had one of her favourite stories, the very hungry caterpillar on her shoes I order that told the tale.
They were so proud of them and showed them off to everyone.
I will be making more soon as they have already grown out of them and have been very well used!








One of my most recent cushions was this removable cover, that had farm animals on it. I choose this fabric as it was the cheapest I could find but also because my son was learning his animals in welsh in nursery.


I made these beautiful stationary sets, but they can also be used an invitations to a wedding or christening. If I ever get married, I may well make these! I love this style!


I wanted to make a fairy door for my children to go in the garden. All the ones I’ve seen to buy have been very expensive for what they are.
I decided to have a go at my own.
This even opens so the fairy or my children can leave a message or some magic dust.



As you may have seen in one of my other blog posts, I started making a sensory book made of felt.
My personal assistant who has helped me for over 18 months handed her notice in, in the spring . It took me a while to choose my personal assistant and I interviewed many people. Thankfully I feel I choose right and we had a good relationship and she saw my children develop too.
We were sad for her to go but made this felt photo album for her to keep, with photos from the very beginning when she started up until the time she was leaving.
I made a little button pocket on the back with a personal note inside.





This term Cody’s nursery were looking at sea creatures and asked us to make a model of one. Well, we made a mixture of different items.
We made our own soap with a small sea creature in the middle of it.
We painted a pebble with a dolphin on it.
We made salt dough sea creatures.
I then made labels of the animals in welsh, to match up with each of them.
Everything was put inside a clear storage container along with a photo of something he liked to do. We choose throwing pebbles into the sea.





Tshirts made for the Tafwyl festival, one each for the children. Unfortunately Cerys had quite bad chicken pox and had to give it a miss! She was crying as we left I felt so bad leaving her at home with my partner, while we took Cody. Cody had the chicken pox 3 weeks ago and he had to miss out on a few things too at the time. 


I may do some more blog posts on how I did the designs and what materials I used. It’s good to inspire others, would you leave a message if you do get inspiration from my ideas or have done something similar? 
Felt jewellery 


I’m a complete beginner at pyrography, made this frame for my bedroom. Have made a personalised spoon to give to my sons nursery when he leaves next week and had a go at my own tribal patterns on a spoon. 

Have also bought many other wooden items to personalise 🙂 watch this space!


A wooden tree decoration that I have painted and will be burning my family tree on it. 



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