Handmade Sensory Activity Book

Making The book

I’ve seen in shops and online people selling soft material books with interactive features inside.
I’m not great at sewing, infact a total beginner.
I’ve recently invested in a glue gun which I’ve been meaning to do for a while.
So I thought I would combine a little sewing and glueing to make a book, using felt material.
The felt material I have is only A4 size or smaller, so for the outside cover I sewed 2 pieces of it together, to create a large square shape.
I also did another line of sewing, a little smaller than an inch apart from the other line, which creates a binder look to it.


I then cut the felt squares out in the size of the book.
You could cut 4 squares out or as many as you want (well within reason that would fit inside the size you have made). I just counted mine and I’ve put 9 in.


Once all cut out, I then glued them all together, one by one, on left side, 1cm close to the edge.


When they were all glued together, the edge of the felt squares were glued to the binder of the felt cover.





The edges made need trimming slightly to make it more tidy.

I may attach a piece of felt onto the back cover and then a piece of Velcro on front side and the piece of felt, to create an open and close fastener.

Haven’t started on the activities yet to put inside, but I will update and show you what I do.

Ok so far,
I made my sons name in felt letters and stuck Velcro to them and Velcro to the book.



Then at the back of the book, I made a little pocket to store some bits in, and can also practise using buttons.


I’ve started to do some weather squares and will be adding the welsh labels such as ‘Mae hi’n heulog. It is sunny.’





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