Learning our shapes in welsh

What equipment and resources did I use to make the shape puzzle?

Left over foam material
Left over felt material
Double sided sticky Velcro
A used cereal box

I cut out a circle, triangle, square and rectangle using left over foam and felt material, each a different colour. I could have used all felt material but I only had 2 bits of scrap felt left and the same with the foam.
I cut out part of the cereal box and drew the shapes with a pen on the plain side.
Following that I cut out small pieces of Velcro tape, that is already sticky and put one half on the drawn shapes and the other half on the cut out shapes.
With the left over cardboard from the cereal box I cut small pieces out to write the name of each shape in Welsh (you can do any language you want), and put the velcro on the back and underneath the drawn shapes.





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