Feeling festive!

The tree and decorations are out of the attic and being set up in our living room. We bought new lights, but they didn’t work! So has been a bit of a delay! I always set up the tree, then lights on first before the decorations.

I love Christmas. Even more when there are little children around. They are so innocent and everything is fascinating to them, they believe in magic.
I don’t want my children to grow up and think they are going to get loads of presents every year. I want them to value what they get, look after it, and play with it. Not just thrown into a draw or cupboard and forget it’s there because they have so many to choose from.
From me this year they are having 3 toy presents each (not including clothes, bath items). They are also getting a toy present from close family members so I think it will be plenty. We already have way too many toys in the house.

Christmas for me is about is about family, love and compassion to ourselves and others.
I’m not sure what specific ‘religion’ I believe in, but I know Christmas is about the birth of baby Jesus. That is why I think Christmas should be celebrated around family and friends, and anyone else that wants to join in; neighbours, strangers!
We all need to be more compassionate to one another, not just at Christmas, all the year through!



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