My basic chicken casserole recipe

What ingredients do I need?
Fresh chicken
Casserole mix sachet powder
Olive oil


I bought a good value stew pack which had an onion, swede, few carrots and parsnip in.


Step one
I gave all the veg a quick wash under the tap.

Step two
I put a small bit of olive oil in the wok and started to cook the chicken. I personally cook my chicken before I add the vegetables into the casserole dish.

Step three
While the chicken is cooking, I cut and prepared all the vegetables (parsnip, potatoes, carrots, onion, swede) and put them into the casserole dish.

Step four
Once the chicken was cooked I cut the chicken into small pieces and added it in.

Step five
Add the volume of water required (it says on the powder mix) into a measuring jug and pop the casserole powder in. Give it a good mix. Pour it into the casserole dish. I added a little bit of extra water at this point, as I like having a bit of extra juice. You can add a sprinkle of pepper in if you like. I didn’t this time.

Step six
Cook the casserole (with lid on) in the oven on approximately 180C. (I say approximately because ours is a fan oven and I normally have to adjust slightly), for 1 hour.


This is perfect for all the family! If you have a baby who is trying out foods, you can easily purée it or mash it to what consistency you want too.
Enjoy and eat away 🙂


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