Time has flown!

What?! My son is turning 3! And my daughter celebrating her first year of life!
What an incredible journey the last few years have been. Going through pregnancy and birth twice! seeing my children develop, their looks, size, features, learning to babble, talk, smile, clap and stand, watching brother and sister bond.
There is so much it’s almost impossible to summarise it in a paragraph!

Their birthdays are less than 2 weeks apart. I was unsure what to do, but decided we will have a family friend buffet at our house for Cerys 1st birthday like we did for Cody’s 1st.
For Cody’s 3rd birthday we are going to have a trip out to paultons park (home of peppa pig world).
In the future, when they are in school and make their own friendships, then I may consider hiring out a room somewhere and have a joint party to celebrate their birthdays.

It’s going to be the very hungry caterpillar theme for Cerys 1st.
I’ve made bookmarks and laminated, and colour in sheets to go in the party bags, instead of being full of sweets.
We have hungry caterpillar plates, napkins and cups.
I handmade the invites, I did a caterpillar shape one and a digital version too.




I can see so many benefits from the very hungry caterpillar story, such as learning to count, learning fruits /food items, learning colours, the process of a caterpillar to a butterfly, etc.


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