Pasg Hapus!

Happy Easter! Pasg hapus (in welsh)!
Although I’m unsure if there is a god, I’m not really sure what I believe in. I like to celebrate the Easter weekend.

Cody’s nursery asked the parents to decorate an Easter bonnet for their Easter celebration parade.
We started this as soon as we found out about it, as I was ment to be having my spine op, and didn’t know how well enough I would be to help him make it. Well it’s been cancelled twice. Of course I wasn’t happy, my partner changed all his shifts, booked time off, and I spent energy I didn’t have preparing my hospital case, mentally preparing myself, etc really knocked me back.
For his Easter bonnet, we got the bits and pieces (including the hat) from What Shop. It’s so reasonable compared to other popular stores.
Cody did a good job, sticking bits on.
We did a spring farm theme. It had eggs, chicks, a tractor, a scarecrow, sheep, cows, a tree, horses, on it, with a fence too.



I enjoyed coming along to see Cody’s nursery sing in welsh and see all the beautifully decorated bonnets all the children and parents made. The Lord Mayor even came.

The only thing I didn’t like is that they made it into a competition. They are only 2 years old, and I just think it’s unnecessary at that age.

Yesterday we went to the free Easter activities they had at the wales millennium centre.
We decorated some biscuits, while there was dancing on the stage, followed by a short stroll outside.


We’ve been up to all sorts since my last blog.
We took Cody and Cerys on their first bus ride and went to the museum. Cody loved it! His favourite of course the dinosaurs! He keeps saying again again!


Cerys went swimming for the second time! Cody loved the water slide.


We’ve been to the farm, the park, went on a boat and lots of playing in the garden.

Loved seeing Cody’s confidence grow, he fed the animals, he’s being more adventurous at the park (although scares me as it would be nearly impossible for me to help him if got stuck at top of slide. Even though I always have someone with me, it’s the thought I couldn’t get to him safely and quickly).


Cody and Cerys in their welsh costumes for st davids day


Out the back in the garden






Absolutely stunning late spring sunshine! Went on Aqua bus Cardiff bay. I’m sure Cody enjoyed it too as all he has said is boat again.




Baby wearing In my new beautiful wrap girasol earth rainbow!



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