Been a few months since I posted. The Christmas festive period is always busy and it can take me a while to recover from it. Any tiny bits of energy I do have are used on looking after my children.
If there is a rare moment when they are both napping, then I have a nap too.
It’s the same in the evening, say we go to bed about 7-7.30ish, then I go to bed then too. When they are asleep, it’s a tough choice whether I go straight to sleep or do I stay up and watch a tv programme I’ve been wanting to watch.
For me, with chronic health conditions, this is a ‘tough’ choice. Do I get some pleasure for watching 30 minutes of a programme I like, or do I get an extra 30 minutes sleep? That 30 minutes extra could be essential for me, especially if the children decide to wake in the night.

My new hobby is sewing.
I have a PA that started the end of last year. I’ve been awarded a few hours a week and she assists me in everything, whether it’s hospital or GP appointments, personal care, domestic, etc. To begin with It was strange. I didn’t want to say do this do that, I would feel so bossy.
Gradually though, I’ve become better at letting her help or suggest things I need help with.
It took 2 years to get this help. My first assessment was horrible. I won’t go into details now.
I have noticed a considerable difference though since I’ve got this help. After getting dressed and the children dressed, there would be no energy left and in too much pain to have any play time with them. But now with help, I get to have a little precious playtime with them.
Well, my PA help me set up my sewing machine that I had for my birthday last year and I’ve made some basic cushions.

Below are 2 cushions made from 2 of my tshirts.


This cushion I made out of Cody and Cerys vests/tshirts that no longer fit. A beautiful keepsake.
I did one side of Cody’s clothes and the other side Cerys clothes.



We’ve become a big fan of the hungry caterpillar. I had it read to me as a child, and now I read it to my children. Cerys 1st birthday is going to be the very hungry caterpillar theme.


I’ve got lots of other future ideas to make, bags, curtains, etc. Trying to find the time is the challenge! (When they are sleeping all I want to do is sleep too. I go to bed the same time as them.)

Here is a bag I had a quick go at making.



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