The elf on the shelf – they have arrived!

Two elves have been adopted in our home
Their journey started in the North Pole with Father Christmas, they got a bit lost, my brother had to collect them from New York, take them on the plane and show them where they should have landed in Cardiff, United Kingdom.


On Sunday December the 1st, 2013, 2 little elves, a girl and a boy, appeared on our window shelf.
The 2 little elves, brought a long a book, each in a box for us to read and explain who they were.
They were sent from Father Christmas to keep an eye on Cody and Cerys., for the month of December up to the 25th, they will fly to the North Pole and then return each night, to update the big man (Mr Father Christmas), on how well (or not) they are doing.


With a little help from mummy (myself), Cody and Cerys have called their elves, Bell ( from the tune jingle bells), and Nick (Saint Nicholas).

It is the first time Cody and Cerys have had an adopted elf, and we hope to continue this every December. He is welcome in our home.

We are very special because even if Cody and Cerys want to give Bell Elf or Nick Elf a cuddle, they won’t loose their magic! Touch is important in showing our love, a cwtch goes a long way. This bond and strength will guarantee he will retain all his magic.

Welcome to our family Miss Bell and Mr Nick.


See you back in the morning! Nos da!


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