Make a Glowing pumpkin

How to make a glowing pumpkin (without a real pumpkin!)

What do you need?

A clean dry recycled jar (I used a baby food jar)

Sheet of orange paper (if its card it will be too thick)

Black marker pen


LED battery lights (can get from a cheap bargain store like b n m or £1 store, or can buy from other places such as supermarket or ikea, especially leading up to Christmas)


1. Clean and dry the recycled jar you’re going to use.

2. Measure the orange paper around the outside of jar, and cut to size. It’s going to go inside the jar with the orange colour facing out. Try it out, put it in see if it fits. If its too big, just re cut it.

3. On the orange side of the paper, draw your pumpkin design, eyes, nose, mouth.

4. Insert the orange paper with pumpkin face back inside the jar (with the orange side pumpkin design facing outwards).

5. Put the LED lights inside the jar, which should be fairly hidden. It may be easier to switch on before you put inside, or can have the on/off button within reach)

6. You can add the lid now if you want, and there you have your glowing pumpkin!

Put it in your window, on a table, etc on Halloween!

Other variations, you could paint the inside of the jar instead of orange paper.
You could use a plastic bottle, piece 2 little holes in opposite sides near the top, put some string in, and use it as a pumpkin lantern to carry about!




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