Make a mummy for Halloween


To make a mummy, you will need the following items ;
* bandage and/or tubi grip
* black pen
* paper
* scissors
* empty toilet roll or Pringles tube or sweet tube
* all purpose glue or stick tape

This is how I made mine, but there are many variations. You could buy black felt and use stick on goggly eyes (but I didn’t have any of these at the time).

I cut out a small bit of white paper and drew to eyes on it and coloured the background in black with my pen.

I covered the tube in tubi grip.
You could either put a dab of glue and stick it to the top or tuck it in.

I then put a small bit of glue to the eyes I made, stuck in towards to the top of the tube, on top of the tubi grip.

I then got the bandage, and wrapped it around the tube, making sure could still see the eyes. You could put a bit of sticky tape or glue on each end to secure, or just tuck it under.



It’s a nice little craft idea to do with children.


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  1. Samantha says:

    What a lovely idea. We have been collect toilet rolls to make trees.

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