My son’s first day at Nursery

My son is 28 months old! And yes I’m still hanging onto how many months old, my little baby, my first born is growing up so fast.
School nursery doesn’t start until they are 3 and half years old.
They have private nurseries that start from birth, and some that start from 2 years old.
Cody doesn’t have much chance to socialise and play with children his own age. We have been to the occasional pre school music group, language and play session and Homestart play group, but nothing regular.
We couldn’t afford to place Cody into any playgroup/nurseries, even the cheapest, it just wouldn’t be possible to keep him going regular.
In may this year, around the time of the birth of my daughter Cerys, our street went into the flying start scheme.
What a great help! With flying start they can provide extra support, community speech therapist, family support worker to do activities with my children such as baby massage or language and play in the home. Flying start also have limited nursery placement funding.
Our health visitor put us on the waiting list as soon as we found out back in May. There can be long waiting lists, and they take the eldest first to give them a chance before school nursery. I wasn’t too hopeful and wasn’t expecting Cody to be attending nursery from this September. Then at the end of August, it was mentioned that Cody may have a chance to start nursery in a couple of weeks!!
My first choice, pili pala, the only welsh speaking nursery, our side of the city is where I would want Cody to go to.
He got his place!
I’ve had cousins who have gone to pili pala when it was based in old st mellons. It’s now moved to a different place, slightly further away, and in a football club, which I don’t think is an ideal location, but its the only welsh speaking in my area and its being funded too (so we don’t have to pay anything except for snacks). He won’t be there long, as next September he should be starting school nursery.

I hope going to the nursery playgroup he will gain social skills, make friends, gain confidence, help him develop his speech, and start learning basic welsh, and have fun!
For me this will give me some one to one time with my daughter while he is at nursery, and on some days allow me to grab an hour nap.

Cody had his first day on Wednesday. The night before my tummy was doing somersaults. I was excited and nervous for him. The previous weekend we ordered his uniform online on asda click and collect, because all stores were sold out.
I got it all out ready for the morning and set the alarm. Not that I would need it with Cerys waking at 5.30am for a feed and followed by Cody usually waking anytime from then.

Daddy, sister Cerys and I, took Cody to his first day.
There are steps into the building, but the staff were helpful and they went to find a ramp.
Cody went straight in when he saw all the toys, went to the sandpit first. We kissed, hugged and said our bye byes, he was happy and smiling.
I wasn’t sure how I would react, I didn’t cry, felt strange leaving him and driving away.
The nursery gave us a text after an hour and said he was settling in well, and when we picked him up they said it was like he had been there ages.

I’m a very proud mummy indeed. We gave him lots of fuss, and went out for lunch to TGIs to celebrate.

On his second day, he did get a little upset when we left. I felt a little more on edge because I had left him there crying this time. I was literally sitting on the edge of the sofa at home. I gave the nursery a text and they said he settled down and was playing. A big sigh of relief! I sat back in the sofa.

The next day (3rd), I wondered how he would react. He was quiet on the way in the car and was quiet when we left him, but no tears.

I think at first, he thought it was a novelty on day one, a one off, and then going back on the second day he realised we weren’t staying.

He has done so well though.
He looks so smart in his uniform.
My little boy.



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