Perseid meteor shower August 2013

On August the 13th in the early hours of the morning, I was feeding my baby daughter her bottle. I heard on the tv about the Perseid meteor shower happening over the past couple of days. I decided to open the curtains, and just lye on my bed, hoping to see my first shooting star. To be honest I wasn’t that hopeful especially because our bedroom window backs onto other peoples houses, and there were street lights on.

Then after 15 minutes of staring into the sky, I saw my first shooting star!!! I was so shocked! Wow wow wow! I woke my partner up in excitement! Incredible! So happy that I had seen my first one, and I felt quite content! I was going to start to settle down and go back to sleep, but I continued to daze into the night sky. I saw another!!! I truly felt privileged to see them. And even better that I didn’t need any high tech equipment or in a cold dark field anywhere. I saw them with my own eyes from my warm comfortable bed.
I was hooked! I continued to gaze into the sky, making wishes everytime. I saw 8 in total!

I felt so overwhelmed and excited, humming the tune ‘When you wish upon a star, Your dream comes true’ in my head.

Eventually I decided to relax my eyes and not keep them forced open, and fall asleep, before my daughter’s next night feed was due.

Ill remember this forever. Maybe my children will get to make a wish on a shooting star one day.


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