Baby wearing

20130629-205229.jpgAs a mum of 2 young children, who has multiple health problems and uses a wheelchair, I have to adapt around things that most people don’t have to think of.

For me, baby wearing is ideal. It allows my hands free to push my wheels on my wheelchair while my child is safely in my lap.

I bought a basic one from mothercare with my first child.
It’s only since then doing more research online the vast different ranges of baby carriers that are out there!
When I was pregnant with my 2nd child, I was a little more prepared and had an idea what I wanted to try.
I bought a stretchy wrap and a Lenny lamb Mei tai, and had a practice with a teddy bear while watching tutorials on YouTube how to tie.

In hospital, at only 2 days old I used my stretchy baby carrier with my daughter for the first time. It was beautiful and snug! I fell in love with it instantly.


Below are more photos of myself baby wearing.


This week I have purchased my first woven wrap, an ellaroo. Here are some pictures.


I’m only a beginner myself but feel free to leave a comment if you would like to ask me any questions, ill do my best to help.






2 Comments Add yours

  1. Louise says:

    You are awesome!

  2. Vanessa says:

    Love it! So beautiful that babywearing allows you to carry you baby hands free! My father-in-law is in a wheelchair and I tried to show him he could wear and carry our son, but he didnt really seem interested. Wish he would!

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