Another seizure for Cerys

On the Monday, 8 days after Cerys first ever seizure, she had 2 seizures around lunchtime. I was again shocked. I really hoped that last week was a one off and would never happen again.
I was tidying the bedroom and heard an odd noise. I looked in her Moses basket.
She was a little red, bubbles at her mouth, she would make an odd cry then her arms and legs would straighten rapidly with her head being forced back, and eyes would go too. It was instantly quick. It repeated. Odd cry. Then limbs straighten, head back, bubbles, eye rolls.
I took her out of the Moses basket and went downstairs to ring my partner. I was on my own when it happened. I also rang the GP surgery for advice as she was breathing this time.
She then stopped for 5 mins.

Laying still, no crying. It then re started the same again.

After further advise dialled 999.
When it stopped she seemed a little dazed and then went to sleep.

It took about 10 minutes or so for a rapid response paramedic in a car too turn up.
The paramedic was very reassuring and friendly. He stayed with us until the ambulance arrived which took about 45 minutes.
This time I went with her in the ambulance and Chris met us at the hospital. My dad very kindly left work to stay with Cody in our house.
When she woke up in the hospital she was looking at me but it looked like she wasn’t actually looking at me.

We were moved to ocean ward for a couple of days. But again not sure what it was or what caused it.

No further tests were done but I made sure that a follow up appointment is given for Cerys to be seen again.

I did manage to film the very end of the 2nd seizure. Some medical staff agreed straight away it was when they watched it and some have said it was severe reflux!! They said an adult would fit like she did but its unusual for a baby to do so.
Well, for starters, I’m 99% sure it was a seizure. Since then, I’ve googled, and looked at videos on youtube. It confirmed for me, that what Cerys went through was definitely seizures!

I hope Cerys never has to experience these again. It was totally horrible seeing her suffer and be very unwell.

Cerys asleep in the hospital ward playroom



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