Absolutely terrifying!

On Sunday night, I was in bed watching Bollywood carmen live and my 4 week old daughter in the Moses basket next to me. She was sleeping peacefully, she didn’t have any signs of being ill at all.
At about half ten I called my partner to get the sterilised bottles ready because she could be due a feed anytime.
I turned off the tv, I was hoping to catch a nap before she woke for her milk.
The bedroom was almost pitch black, we have black out curtains too.
I was closing my eyes, and I heard a faint little noise. I decided to check on her incase she was ready for her milk and I’d rather check on her at that moment before I settled properly too.
I turned the tv on as a source of light, and when I looked into the Moses basket, I knew something wasn’t right.
She was making odd movements (couldn’t see completely clearly with just tv as my light) and had white stuff around mouth. I quickly picked her up and switched on light.
She was fitting in my arms. In my head I was hysterical, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
Her head was forced back, and was bright red, with a white skin around her mouth, and froffy foam too. The arms and legs on her little body were flexing very rigidly and stiffly, like crazy, which was making her whole body shake.
She wasn’t breathing at that point and could tell by her face she was struggling and suffering. Her eyes were half closed, mouth open, with it looked like she was trying to get oxygen into her forcing her jaw open and making a horrible noise.
I shouted help help instantly to my partner, ring 999. His face dropped as he came up the stairs seeing what was happening to our tiny little daughter. We were both calling Cerys name and saying breathe, come on come on. Chris held her in her arms, while I dialed 999.
It felt like ages, asking me what service I wanted, then going through my address, telephone number, etc. I was speaking so fast because I just wanted the paramedics to be there instantly to help her. We both thought she was dying. she was still fitting at this point and they advised us to lye her down on the floor, to let her fit.
My partner kept saying he wanted to drive her to hospital there and then. I know what he felt, he wanted the help for her as soon as possible and waiting for an ambulance felt like we were letting her suffer even more. But I said if he was to drive then he couldn’t provide her resuscitation if she needed.
She stopped fitting while on the phone. It felt like forever. She gasped for a breath. I could see her taking a breath. She was quiet, still not with it, but had stopped gulping and shaking. Then she started to cry. It was the best feeling ever to hear her cry at this point.
After 15 minutes, the ambulance turned up. She had her eyes wide open then, was breathing and not fitting.
Of course she was gonna be taken in the ambulance to be checked out.
We decided Chris would go with her, and I would stay with my little boy (who was fast asleep during all of this).
It would take to long to fuss with my wheelchair and everything. I wanted her assessed as soon as possible.

I rang my parents and Chris parents to update them with what happened, I was crying down the phone, still shaking.
Although working the next day, my mum said she would stay with Cody while my dad took me up the hospital.

When I got there, Chris mum had walked over to support him and Cerys.

They took Cerys blood and put a tiny venflon in her, just incase she needed any medication. It was distressing seeing her be held still and see her cry.
I noticed her sats were dropping to 83, and her heart rate ranged from 140-205. The medical staff didn’t seem concerned and if they were they didn’t say it to us.
Chris went home then to be with Cody and I stayed in hospital with Cerys for the next couple of days.
They don’t know what caused the seizure to happen. Her bloods and urine came back normal and her temperature was fine too.
I hope it was a one off and will never happen again.

Cerys is now home, no more episodes. She has been unsettled though, crying more, hard to settle, much more reflux. Maybe it’s just how her body is getting over it.

I’m so glad my instinct made me check on her. I could have just dismissed the little sound as her dreaming or just stirring. I feel proud as a mum, how quick I reacted and dealt with the situation.
I’m worried now that if it happened again I might be in a deep sleep, and won’t hear it.
The nhs guidelines say to keep your baby in the same room with you for at least 6 months. They say this for a reason! Even if they didn’t have these guidelines she would be In the same room as me anyway. If she wasn’t, I wouldn’t of heard her.



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