Cerys birth announcement in the Echo

Today, my little baby girl is 3 weeks old and it just happens that her birth announcement was in today’s South Wales echo newspaper.
There is a picture with the four of us in. (That sounds so strange calling us a family of four!) The photographer who took it came to our home yesterday. Cody is constantly on the move to trying to get him still for a photo with us was difficult. He did have a tantrum and we thought it wouldn’t be possible. Thankfully the photo that is in the paper is alright.
The article was written well and I’m happy with how it came across. Of course its focus is on Cerys,but it also gives a little insight Into being a disabled parent.

Cerys has met lots of her family members and friends in the last couple of weeks. I think it’s great to introduce her to the world.
People love coming up to say hi when they see a newborn. I think it’s because it’s a new life that has just been born and they are so small (which they don’t stay for long) so it’s unusual to

With her first weight check since leaving hospital, last week she was 6lbs 6.5oz. The health visitor is coming back tomorrow and will weigh her again then.
I now have a new health visitor for Cody and Cerys, as my street has gone into the flying start area. This should bring a few extra benefits, such as a free part time nursery placement for Cody, which will help so much. My health visitor also mentioned baby massage classes, and language and play. I was very thankful that I was allowed to join a language and play session with Cody when I wasn’t in the flying start area. I enjoyed it as it gave me one to one with Cody, structured and help if needed, and time out of the house.

Cody, my little boy, has surprised me. I didn’t expect him to bond so quickly with his sister. It was almost instant. Pointing saying baba, giving kisses, stroking her, offering her milk (and his own juice and munchies lol….), giving the dummy, and when someone calls into the house, he points to me says mummy, points to chris saying daddy and then points to Cerys saying baba, like he’s introducing us all to visitors. He’s come along great. He has even learnt a couple of new words, that include dummy and crying!
He has increased his tantrums a little, which could be partly his age (terrible twos) and also not understanding that I can’t give him all my attention when I’m seeing to Cerys, an example when I’m feeding her.

My adrenaline and energy is finally starting to fade, and the increased sleepless nights are catching up.

The difference I’ve found going from one to two children is that it’s constant never ending. By that I mean, as soon as I’ve fed Cerys and changed her nappy, it’s cody’s turn, then back again to Cerys, with no break in between for myself to even eat.
In the night time, when Cerys wakes, by the time the bottle is made, fed to her, nappy changed and settling her back to sleep, then settling myself off to sleep, I have about 10-30 minutes sleep and she wakes time to prepare the bottle again and repeat.

I’ve felt so blissed out when Cerys falls asleep in my one arm and Cody in the other. When there is a few minutes peace, I gaze and look at them, reflecting how happy I am to be blessed with 2 beautiful children.

I could write a lot more, but both children are asleep and my eyes are closing, I need to grab any sleep while I can.













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