She is here!

My elective c section went ahead as planned. Of course I was a little nervous as well as excited.
I was concerned that I would be very ill like last time and it would make the moment of birth less enjoyable and stressful.

I had my pre op on the Wednesday, the day before, to discuss everything, have bloods taken, etc. I attended a breast feeding class as well incase I did decide to breast feed.

I met up with 2 ladies from the tv production company the garden who were currently filming for the series midwives. They filmed my consultation with the midwife. My partner didn’t want to continue though and be interviewed and have the c section filmed, so we had to pull out.
Ill look forward to watching the series though.

Thursday morning came. I set my alarm nice and early so I could do last minute checks and get myself ready as I wanted to get there for 7am. (Advised to get there at 8am)
We took My little boy to his nans (my mum) before we left for the hospital.
I was hoping getting there early may give a better chance of being first or near top of the list. When I don’t eat or drink for a while I do start to feel funny especially when pregnant. And fasting can be a trigger for my other health condition variegate porphyria.

At the delivery suite, went through everything again with the midwife, obstetrician and anaesthetist, gowned up and put stockings on.
When got into the theatre, they managed to get Iv access fairly quickly (I’m usually extremely difficult and require neck lines).
It did take a long time for them to get the spinal anathestic in the right place probably due to my injury and previous surgery.
All the medical staff were lovely, and when I said I was feeling unwell they dealt with it straight away and were prepared, and kept me updated with what was going on and being honest with me.

I felt a lot of pressure, pushing and movement, heard lots of swishing, and then a very loud cry! My baby girl was born! I had a glimpse of her and then she got checked out and passed to my partner for the first hold. I touched her face and little hands. She was tiny and beautiful!

I was sick during the section, and had mild chest pain, as well as feeling sleepy at times and having a headache, oh and very itchy, followed by the shakes.! But I was alert and certainly wasnt as ill as last time. Despite also have a early post partum haemorrhage before they had even stitched me up, and the spinal anaesthetic wearing off and had feeling starting to come back, I felt it went really well.

Cerys born at 11.24am on the 9th may 2013 weighing 6lbs 2oz.




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