Handmade post box

My little boy enjoys posting all sorts through the letter box and anything with a little gap in. My phone and debit card has even been posted through the letter box from inside to out! Thank goodness I seen him do it.

He’s recently starting posting stones through the gaps in the garden fence, into the neighbours gardens.

I’ve had the idea for a while of making his pampers box of nappies (when empty) into a post box for him to play with. What a good way to recycle it too!

What did I use?

Empty pampers nappy box

Used Newspaper

Mixing bowl

Pva glue (3/4) mixed with water (1/4)

Acrylic paint – Red, black

Step One

Stir together 3/4 glue with 1/4 water in a mixing bowl.


Step Two

Tear pieces of used newspaper and cover them in glue/water mixture, while sticking them to the box. Keep doing this until every part of the outside of the box is covered.


Step Three

Leave to dry a little and do another layer of newspaper and glue. Leave this to dry out. I did mine on a sunny day and dried within 4 hours. It might require longer.


Step Four

When it’s dry, can now start painting the box.



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