My little boy is nearly 2!

I can’t believe my little boy turns 2 years old this month!
It really has flown by. I’ve been updating his baby record book, and it’s amazing seeing the changes from pregnancy to birth, to toddler.
It’s been an incredible experience so far. I’m constantly learning along the way too.
For cody’s 2nd birthday, we will keep it at the house again and put on a buffet. Not as big as his 1st birthday, and suggest to family and friends a certain time they can drop in between.

I still can’t get my head around how my body (with some help from my partner) has produced a life, a miracle. I find it fascinating!
In 5 weeks, another little life will enter this world. A sister for Cody.
I’m looking forward to it (and a bit apprehensive) how I will adapt, how my relationship with my partner as a family of 4, and how Cody will react going from being an only child to having a sibling. Whatever happens, the ups and downs, I can guarantee I will do my very best I physically can for my children.

Cody is slightly behind with his speech according to guidelines. So he has been referred to a speech therapist. He can say a few words, but is just about reaching the minimum they recommend for his age.

I hope my area is going to be put into the flying start area, because then it will give access to a nursery placement, which I know will aid Cody with socialising, speech and learning. We will also be able to attend language and play groups. I found this great when I went before, it was organised fun and playing to aid development, and the tutors of the group were very helpful if I needed help with Cody.
Not only will it be beneficial for Cody to attend a few nursery sessions a week, but for me to, as it will use some of his energy up, and I can have some time to myself to do personal things like bladder/bowel management and rest, and also time to bond one to one with my daughter.






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